clist - Text-based File Manager

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clist is a text based directory browser and file manager. It uses the curses library for graphical display and the keyboard for interaction.



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PHPCList is a solution how to store in one variable multiple data. It is set of functions which tak care about adding,updating,deleting data from CList. You can make easilly from CList an array. PHPClist is very useful in cookie handling!

Ichatbot - MSN chatbot written in Python by Hui Chen

IChatbot: MSN chatbot written in Python Python libraries used:Alberto Bertogli's msnlib Cort Stratton's PyAIML These libs are already included in the package, no separate download is needed. Prerequisite:Python version >= 2.2.2 fortunes and fortune-zh, both are optional by removing the line clist=[fortune, fortunezh] Windows Live ID (for robot) Install and runCheck out latest repository svn checkout ichatbot-read-only Open, change chatbot MSN

Pescuma - Miranda IM plugins created by me

IntroThis site hosts the source for all my Miranda IM plugins. I don't have time anymore to develop them, so they stay here as help and incentive for other developers. Maybe someday I can get back to them ;) Miranda IM pluginsAvatar History plugin: Keep a history of contact avatars BClist plugin: A contact list for blind folks Emoticons plugin: Show emoticons in chat history and in input text area Ersatz plugin: Create services to retrieve current status message per protocol (used by My Details)

Openquant - Market backtesting and quantitative analysis platform

"Hack the Market"IntroOpenQuant is an open source backtesting and quantitative analysis platform for time series financial data. It offers a simple tradesystem development framework using open financial data from Yahoo. Quick StartIncluded with the library is a simple command line interface for executing backtests. Follow these steps to set up your own backtesting environment: 1. Download the most recent version of OpenQuant from the downloads section. 2. Unzip to desired directory and start up

Yii-rextensions - sets of yii framework extensions

Set of yii framework extension. Implemented: YiisyCrudAdmin Allows to use yii crud without CRUD generator. (actionIndex with CListView excluded) On a way: YiiFixtures Allows dump table data into xml, and load it.

Cgridlistctrlex - A custom draw CListCtrl with subitem editing and formatting

CGridListCtrlEx DescriptionMicrosoft's CListCtrl has support for displaying data in a grid using the report style. CGridListCtrlEx extends the CListCtrl with the following features: Sorting Cell navigation and keyboard search Tooltips Hiding and showing columns Cell editing Custom row and cell coloring HyperLink - Open http links in browser, or send email using mailto address Group rows by category Clipboard (Copy only) OLE Drag and Drop (including internal row reordering) Persist column width,

Pego - PEG library in Go based on LPeg

pegoThis is a pattern matching library for Go. It is based on lpeg, which uses a flavor of PEG. Examplepat := Grm("S", map[string]*Pattern{ "S": Ref("A").Clist(), "A": Seq( NegSet("()").Rep(0, -1), Seq( Ref("B"), NegSet("()").Rep(0, -1), ).Rep(0, -1)).Csimple(), "B": Seq( "(", Ref("A"), ")"),})More informationLPeg - Parsing Expression Grammars For Lua - Source of inspiration A Text Pattern-Matching Tool based on Parsing Expression Grammars - Paper on the implementation of LPeg.

Silvercircle - Various plugins for Miranda IM

Note about site newsAll relevant announcements and articles can be found on my blog. Documentation for TabSRMM is on my wiki site. Currently, the following plugins are hosted on this site:Sound Volume updated CList NG - a new project currently in early development. It is a spin-off of clist_nicer specifically written for modern operating systems (Windows Vista and higher) with full Aero support, skinning and Direct2D/DirectWrite rendering. Focus is on stability and good performance, rather than

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