Clipboard Tool

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A tool to transform clipboard content, primarily focused on alphabetical transformation (e.g. Cyrillic to Latin and similar). It also allows other functions to manipulate the clipboard content, like clearing the formatting the content might have.



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Windows XP Snipping Tool

Windows XP Snipping Tool brings the basic functionality of Windows 7 Snipping Tool to Windows XP. Crop, resize, copy to clipboard are some of its screen shot features. It is developed in C#. (Currently Under Development) Be sure to check out our website for more useful soft...


A flexible tool to automate processing amp; organizing files and folders.

Equivalence Partition Organizer

Equivalence Partition Organizer is a tool to edit a set of equivalence classes and test cases based on them. Check consistency and completeness of both classes and test cases. Tables can be copied to the clipboard to use in Word, Excel or PowerPoint

Multiclip - Multiple Cliboards

MultiClip is a tool for managing your clipboards. Yay~

Mspdict - Tools for dictionary data to mSPDict (convert, text-recognition)

Tool suppost convert Stardict format, Text (, jspd (jSPDict) and dsl (lingvo data) to mSPDict (android dictionary) Mezzofanti (text-recognition) fixed to suppost for mSPDict. Clipboard manager : This application will send text clipboard to mSPDict if clipboard change

Ecm - Easy Clipboard Manager is a small tool to enhance your Windows clipboarding functions

Easy Clipboard Manager, made in C# .NET is a small tool that can be used to enhance the routine cut/copy/paste operations. Windows has changed a lot since Windows 95 but the basic clipboard functions has been kept alike. Enter Easy Clipboard Manager. With our software you can create a queue of different files or streams to be cut or copied. You can have favorite folders to copy your movie collection quickly. And a host of other features. - Developed By : Abhishek Deydas and Rohit Misra

Open Source Clipboard Content Management Utility

A simple clipboard content archiving tool and class library. The MetaClip GUI application makes it easy for content users to permanently store, organize and restore clipboard contents in a portable file format that can be stored, restored, and moved from one Windows PC to anot...


SharpCopy is simple, keyboard controlled utility tool, it helps to store 10 copied texts at the same time, and restore then to the clipboard when needed.

Clip2tray - Advanced Clipboard for Windows based on .NET

clip2trayDescriptionThis project aims to provide an alternative, advanced clipboard for Microsoft Windows. clip2tray is a clipboard application running in the windows system tray that allows you to temporarily store several pieces of information. clip2tray will hold copies of all the text snippets you've recently copied and also store references to every file you've copied within a certain time. Why use clip2trayThe standard clipboard integrated within Microsoft Windows has many shortfalls: You

JZ SmartMort

The script pack is meant for devices running Windows Mobile 5 amp; 6.x with Mort's MortScript as the macro engine. Offers advanced copy/paste, clipboard histor plus many more tools and browser pluggin options that a Windows Mobile lacks.