clip2png (Clipboard to PNG)

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Native Java utility that easily saves your current clipboard image (or screen image) to a PNG image file on your desktop. No setup or configuration required - just run the jar!




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kdenlive - Powerful multi-track video editor

Kdenlive is a video editor, which supports DV, AVCHD (experimental support) and HDV editing. Kdenlive relies on several other open source projects, such as FFmpeg and MLT video framework. It is designed to answer all needs, from basic video editing to semi-professionnal work. Kdenlive can read, edit and export Flash video. Kdenlive supports most audio formats for reading, mixing and exporting. It also offers experimental support for non-destructive audio and video codec.

Jsmovie - jquery plugin to animate image sequences

jsMovieInspired by some transparent flash animations all over the web, I decided to have something other then flash to get similar results. So i created a jquery-plugin to animate image sequences. ChangesCurrent Version 1.4.2 added a performStop value in the play method -> when ending a movie you can now pause by setting it to false and stop on true better documentation of the source code in the uncompressed file 1.4.1 fixed a bug where adding a clip staring from frame 1 didn't work new default

pngpong is an open source cross-browser solution for displaying transparent PNG’s in IE, Firefox,

Table of ContentsIssues Solution Change Log Download Tested Browsers How it Works Code Examples Method Definitions List of Parameters Parameter Definitions IssuesIE versions 5.5 - 6.x has issues handling PNG alpha channels. The solution that is available from Microsoft is to use the AlphaImageLoader filter. Now IE 7 is suppose to support this natively (IE 7 Checklist and IE7 Transparent PNG Implementation), but still uses filters to handle the alpha channel. I feel that the filter solutions are

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AboutAeroShot is an open source screenshot utility designed for capturing individual windows. It captures screenshots with full transparency, such as seen in the Windows Aero visual style. This allows for a clean and professional screenshot, useful for showcasing an application. AeroShot was inspired from the popular Window Clippings, made by Kenny Kerr. Thank you bebluetoo for the icon. AeroShot was designed for all Windows operating systems from Vista and above, using Windows Aero. If AeroShot

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XML based swf, swc and abc assembler written in haXe. (Available in as3, haxe, neko, cpp, php, javascript, xml) LIB example: (zip) <lib>\t<bitmapdata file="haxe.png" class="MyBitmapData"/>\t<bitmap file="haxe.png" class="MyBitmap"/>\t<sprite file="haxe.png" class="MySprite"/>\t<movieclip file="haxe.png" class="MyMovieClip"/>\t<button file="haxe.png" class="MySimpleButton"/>\t<bytearray file="haxe.png" class="MyByteArray"/>\t<sound file="chopin.mp3" class="MySound"/>\t<font file="chopin.ttf" clas

Biopieces - Biopieces is a bioinformatic framework of tools easily used and easily created.

www.biopieces.orgThe Biopieces are a collection of bioinformatics tools that can be pieced together in a very easy and flexible manner to perform both simple and complex tasks. The Biopieces work on a data stream in such a way that the data stream can be passed through several different Biopieces, each performing one specific task: modifying or adding records to the data stream, creating plots, or uploading data to databases and web services. The Biopieces are executed in a command line environm

Imageclipper - A tool to crop images manually fast

IntroductionIt is often required to crop images manually fast for computer vision researchers to gather training and testing image sets, e.g., cropping faces in images. This simple multi-platform (Windows and Linux were verified) software helps you to clip images manually fast. What You Can DoOpen images in a directory sequentially Open a video, frame by frame Clip (save) and go to the next image by one button (SPACE) Move and resize your selected region by vi-like hotkeys or right mouse button

Lowke-assetloader - AS3 package for bulk loading external assets

AssetLoader v 2.8Russell Lowke, June 26th 2011. for use with ActionScript 3 The AssetLoader is designed to allow you to easily bulk load assets from external files. In particular, it easily and conveniently supplies you with a single reference to your external asset. Clearing that reference generally will release the asset from memory (see note below). This tidies up the mess of event listeners and object references usually associated with the Flash Loader that makes bulk loading of external ass

Kiwin - A small window system

For more information, please see the "Wiki" page.----------------------------------------------------------------- SummaryI named this window system as "KiWin GUI System" because I like eating kiwi fruits. I have some screenshots for the KiWin GUI System. If you are interested, you can see those pictures at the bottom of this web page. As to the graphic files: I finished the reading, writing and the display for the png file format. I used libpng to implement the low level of this approach. Furth

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Phantom2D 0.4 now available!IntroductionPhantom2D is an open source motion graphics program. It has a node based user interface that provides a very explicit control of rendering. View Editor, Clip Editor, Param Editor and Keyframe Editor are used to animate images and set rendering properties of nodes. The goal of the project is to build ever better tools for creating moving images on the open platforms. FeaturesAffine transforming 2D renderer with blend modes and motion blur 60+ plugins Color