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Clint is a testbed for static source-code checking techniques. It is currently designed to check C++ for common programmer errors and suggest improvements.



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clint - Python Command-line Application Tools

Python Command-line Application Tools

Kvitter - A QT-based Twitter-clint made for use with one or multiple twitter accounts

Kvitter is a small and handy Twitter-client that can be used with one or more twitter accounts at the same time. Uses JTwitter and QTJambi as libraries.

Maestro-musicdb - A music database with a cli interface

Maestro is a utility that will index your music files, read the tags and add them to a database to allow for quick searches in your entire collection. The current interface is a CLI interface, GUI interfaces are planned but not available yet. Maestro uses an external player to do the actual playback. Maestro allows for complex searches, for example: maestro artist:"katie melua" spellbound maestro album="the elements" or just plain and simple ones: maestro gorillaz clint eastwood Not so exciting

Pownceapi - Libraries for interacting with the Pownce social messaging system

This project is a catch all Google code project for hosting libraries of all languages for interacting with the Pownce social messaging system Currently there are user-created client libraries in Python (Mike Taylor, Clint Ecker) ColdFusion (Kyle Hayes) Perl (Lee Aylward) There are also a number of other individuals who are interested in creating client libraries in other languages that will be adding their libraries here as well. This will hopefully become a repository for Pownce client librari

Joverseer - JOverseer rich client application for the Middle Earth PBM game.

DescriptionJOverseer is a desktop application which aims to assist players of the Middle Earth PBM game ( Downloading Visit the Downloads page to find the most recent downloads. The latest version is 1.0.7, released on May 9, 2010. Running To run JOverseer, use file joverseer.bat which is included in the distribution. Do not use joverseer.jar. Mailing Lists - Getting Involved To ask questions, offer suggestions, or report bugs please use the JOverseer Yahoo Group

CLINT Command Interface to System Calls

System calls command line utilties for Linux and all POSIX based operating systems. Allows direct command line access to many popular kernel system calls in text format. Makes a great internals teaching tool for operating systems.

Pycli-wrap - Python CLI (Command Line Interface) wrapper

This project is a wrapper for any other program developed in Python. It provides an extra feature to them. You can adapt quickly any Python program to have a command line interface (CLI). This CLI can reuse any function that you have already developed. Also, It uses Python Docstring Conventions PEP 257( inside of your class methods or functions to build CLI help. It supports: Windows and Linux. Python version: > 2.5.x News21 Sep 2011 Version 0.0.0 release

Google-docs-upload - A tool for batch uploading documents to a Google Docs account with recursive di

Google Docs Batch Upload A tool for batch uploading documents to a Google Docs account with recursive directory traversing. The tool supports PDF upload. Please note, uploading any types of files without conversion is available only for Google Apps for Business accounts due to API restrictions. To run the application you need Java 1.6 (JRE 6) or greater installed: IMPORTANT: if you get the following error: "Uploading without conversion is only available to Google Ap

Guardachuva - Projeto Guarda-Chuva - CMS

Release 79 do GuardaChuvaCorrigido alguns bugs de persistência. Inclui exemplos (com modelos de dados e outros). Resolvido o problema de persistência. Lançada a Versão Alpha do guardaChuva Corrigido Bugs da classe Depurar Lançada a Versão pre-alpha do guardaChuva ApresentaçãoO projeto Guarda-Chuva tem como

Kingroup - v2-upgrade of KINSHIP; v1-a program for pedigree relationship reconstruction and kin grou

How to run KINGROUPFirst install Java on your computer. Click here to download, install and launch KINGROUP. If the previous link does not launch, try this version (compiled with java 1.5). The program will be downloaded (if a newer version is available) and run on your computer via the JavaWebStart technology. You should also be able to run KINGROUP off-line via a shortcut icon on your computer. Feedback & RequestsSend your questions to Help & FAQsDec2010 Enable 1000