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This software gives you at the moment what means any of that blood or urine analyses you do by telling what diseases are associated to high or low values. It's only for educational purposes!



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OpenMRS - Medical Record System

OpenMRS is a flexible electronic medical record platform that can be customized to the needs of clinical and research organizations. It supports Creation and maintenance of patient data, including demographics and clinical observations. It is based on the principle that information should be stored in a way which makes it easy to summarize and analyze.

Radpy - A program to facilitate analysis of radiation therapy and radiology data using Python, open

RadPy is a project to simplify analysis of data used in medical physics with an emphasis on radiation therapy. Version 0.10 will be released under the BSD license. There are two main design goals for RadPy: 1. The creation of a standard format for the storage of data where none currently exists. The main impetus for this goal is the proliferation of formats for the storage of scanning profiles of radiation therapy beams. Right now it is very difficult to compare profiles between systems from dif

Care-management - Thesis project for a degree in computer engineering

Care ManagementBrief descriptionManage processes of patients in hospital using BPMN2.0 standard and analyze them through Complex Event Processing in order to identify and eventually starts same clinical pathway. those clinical pathway as the ability to differ from inital definition.

Mammographanalyzer - MammoGraph Analyzer: Analyze your mammograph images to reveal the cancerous lum

IntroductionHelps doctors analyze mammography images so that they can detect exactly the type of cancerous tissues and their location. Helps to reduce the cases of False positives and False negatives leading to better health care.

Acgt - Advancing Clinical Genomic Trials

Up to now, the lack of a common infrastructure has prevented clinical research institutions from being able to mine and analyze disparate data sources. This inability to share technologies and data developed by different cancer research institutions can therefore severely hamper the research process.Similarly, the lack of a unifying architecture can prove to be a major roadblock to a researcher's ability to mine different databases. Most critically, however, even within a single laboratory, rese

Vdart - Vanderbilt Demographic Analysis of Risk Toolkit

This software analyzes the re-identification risk of demographic information remaining in de-identified microdata, as described in "Never Too Old for Anonymity: A Statistical Standard for Demographic Data Sharing via the HIPAA Privacy Rule." This project was funded through the eMERGE Network. The eMERGE Network was initiated and funded by NHGRI, in conjunction with additional funding from NIGMS through the following grants: U01-HG-004610 (Group Health Cooperative); U01-HG-004608 (Marshfield Clin

Translationalmedicineontology - Translational Medicine Ontology: A Patient-Centric Ontology for Drug

There is an increasing focus within the medical community on the development and administration of personalized medicines, requiring the right patient to receive the right drug at the right dose. Such an approach requires that traditionally separate data sets from early drug discovery through to patients in the clinical setting be integrated; and presented, queried and analyzed collectively. The Translational Medicine Ontology (TMO) is a high-level, patient-centric ontology that extends existing

Smisdk - Science.Medical.Imaging Software Development Kit

SMISDK is a completely free (source code) for research DICOM Volume Analysis Software Development Kit. Disclaimer: SMISDK is not approved for clinical or diagnostic usage and should not be relied upon for any diagnostic decisions. It is provided 'as is' and any risks associated with its misuse or lack of quality lie completely with the user. The only purpose of SMISDK is to support and enhance research in the area of medical imaging. Please click here to download SMISDK and SMIViewer installer k

Biomedicus - Natural Language Processing and text analysis for clinical data

General Project InformationBiomedical Information Collection and Understanding System (BiomedICUS) leverages open source solutions for text analysis and provides new analytic tools for processing and analyzing text of clinical reports. The system is being developed by the biomedical NLP group at the University of Minnesota. This is a collaborative project that currently includes the Institute for Health Informatics, College of Pharmacy and the Computer Science Department at the University of Min

Mctwp - Multiclinical Trial Web-PACS

NewsSeptember, 2011Some bugs have been solved. Virtual Machine was not working properly because when you copied it, new Virtual MAC address is created. This makes ubuntu stop working network so you could not access the application. It has been added a script called into demo home user. You must run this script only the first time you download the VM. The script restart the VM, and then VM network is working again. If you upgrade from previous version, you need to run a data base u