climm (formerly mICQ)

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climm is a portable, small, yet powerful console based, fully internationalized instant messaging client supporting the current v8 ICQ protocol and XMPP.



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Clipf - Personal finance management with command line interface

Minimalistic (yet functional) program to track Your incomes and expenses, written on Python. Inspired by climm (, CashFly ( and psql (PostgreSQL command line client). Main features: Hierarchical list of income/expense items. Item defined by segmented item code like Tab-completion make it easy to enter even long item codes. Reporting by item groups on any level of hierarchy. Track turnover and remains by several independed accounts.


this is an smser i made that basically asks for a phone number and a msg then sends it as sms via icq, it parses the information it needs such as uins on its own from a file called accounts.txt then sends the messages you specify one by one till it reaches the limit allowed by the account then goes to the next in the list, well thats it, its all cli goodness (IL only)