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A compact java library for securely maintaining web client state on the client side (e.g. browser) rather than on the server. This solves the many problems with using a server session such as timeouts, memory usage, network latency (with using a cluster)



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Eclipselink-vaadin-container - Data container for integrating Vaadin with EclipseLink

DescriptionThis project was created for the sole purpose of sharing container created for Vaadin framework and EclipseLink. Please, have in mind that this project is untested and work in progress. Download and usageThe project does not currently have SVN repository properly set up - it will be available as soon as there will be more people interested in using and probably improving it. In order to obtain the source, check the Downloads page. Once you get the java file, don't forget to change the

node-client-sessions-sample - A sample Express application that uses client-sessions

A sample Express application that uses client-sessions


MOSTLY DEAD, SEE README --- A smart package for authentication and tracking users across requests (based on client-sessions)


Stores web session data in a client cookie, protected with hashing and encryption.