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Portable ISO 'C' (1994) runtime library for the Amiga computer



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Etreeplusplus - XML-Elementree C++ Lib based on libxml2

C++ implementation of XML Elementree based on the c-Lib libxml2, version 2.6.32. The Project ist (very) pre pre Alpha ... Only some basic features are implemented.

Jaocbot - A Java Chat Lib + ChatBot for Age Of Conan

JAoCBot is a in java written library for Age of Conan. With that library you can easily develop your custom aoc bot. Or just use the default bot attached to the library. A Default Gui is implemented as well, you can send to all channels + sending and receiving private msges. Its developed with a plugin system so you can easily add new plugins to the bot, without modifying the base source code. Just implement the IAoCPlugin interface in your class and put it in the plugins folder. You will need a

Stringencoders - A collection of high performance c-string transformations

A collection of high performance c-string transformations, frequently 2x faster than standard implementations (if they exist at all). including base64, standard base64, web/url safe, with configurable alphabet base85 (good for http cookies) base16 (hex) base2 (ascii binary) url escaping javascript string escaping fast number to string conversion, 4-22x faster than sprintf! fast ascii upper/lower case conversion, 2-66x faster than stdlib! (yes, 66x faster) And it's all wrapped up in a bow for you

Easymake - emake is a make tool to make your project in a completely new way !

DescriptionEMake is a easy tool which controls the generation of executables and other non-source files of a program from the program's source files. Traditional GNU Make tool requires a Makefile to describe how to compile the whole project, which is too powerful to everyday usage. In my experience, there are not many large projects which need to write a Makefiles, but many small demos or test projects to prove my thoughts or experiment something. Getting tired of writing (or editing) a Makefile

ocaml-grib2c - OCaml bindings to NCEP's g2clib

OCaml bindings to NCEP's g2clib

web2c-lib - web2c libraries

web2c libraries

LCD_I2C_lib - This a library to drive a LCD by I2C protocol.

This a library to drive a LCD by I2C protocol.


DOS C++ library for bc 3.1/wc 10.6/djgcc 2.8: 1.Screen windows 2.Keyboard & input routines 3.RS232 communication driver 4.Hardware Timer clock control 5.Multi-task routines (Keyboard, Timer & RS232 interrupt services)