Experimental System.Threading.Parallel

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Experimental implementation of ECMA 335 (3rd Edition) Common Language Infrastructure (CLI) namespace quot;System.Threading.Parallelquot;, which simplifies the writing of parallel loops.




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Djop - allows easy distribution and parallel execution of jobs in a grid

DJOP (distributed job orchestration project) is a lightweight java based framework that allows arbitrary jobs to be distributed via message queues amongst grid-nodes. Jobs and queues can be parameterized to fit the needs of most applications. With this framework parallel processing is really easily accomplished. Job reporting and monitoring are integrated. Currently it's targeted for using Amazon Simple Queuing Service (SQS) and optionally EC2. However with minimal effort, any other queuing midd

Ipcmd - Command-line interface to SysV semaphores and message queues

ipcmd exposes the XSI (SysV) semaphore and message queue APIs through a simple command-line interface, enabling scriptable inter-process communication and synchronization. ipcmd can be used to: Serialize the execution of certain commands during a parallel make (e.g., the "ar" command when creating static libraries) Limit the number of concurrently executing processes Add process synchronization to scripts (e.g., barriers) and prevent concurrent access to critical sections Prototype or debug appl

Kcbomberman - A Free Java Bomberman Clone

KC Bomberman is clone of the classic Bomberman game written in Java. News2009/02/09: I have uploaded an alpha version with the work of the last weeks. New features: refactored audio and network systems that should now work with less problems than before. Internationalized versions are still missing. Please report problems with this version... and have fun while playing :-) FeaturesUsing the Java Runtime Environment and TCP/IP for maximum portability Tested on Linux and Windows (probably runs on

Sharex-downloader - A multiple proxy downloader

What is sharex-downloader? sharex-downloader is a command line (CLI) application designed for popular file-sharing websites (aka Hosters). With sharex-downloader, you will be able to download multiple simultaneos files using automanaged proxies list. It runs on Linux/BSD/Unix operating systems and uses plowshare.

SDKMAN - The Software Development Kit Manager

SDKMAN is a tool for managing parallel versions of multiple Software Development Kits on most Unix based systems. It provides a convenient Command Line Interface (CLI) and API for installing, switching, removing and listing Candidates. Formerly known as GVM the Groovy enVironment Manager. It is suited for (but not limited to) installing Java related development kits. Install Groovy, Scala, Grails, Play or Spring Boot all from one convenient place.

24-chan-parport-controller - 24-Channel Multiplexed Parallel Port Controller

This program allows control of 24 individual on/off channels through the parallel port. It reads channel states and a project name from a text cue file on your computer that contains the cues for the controller. This program uses parashell to control the parallel port. The multiplexer uses 74hc74 D-type flip-flops. More information on the circuit can be found here. The cue number and cue file identifier are displayed on the top line. The third line is the list of channels. The next line displays


CLI es un proyecto para el control de luces a traveacute;s del puerto paralelo, desarrollado en gambas y aun en desarrollo, para ubuntu. CLI is a project to control lights via the parallel port, we are developing now. for ubuntu.

Hash-programming-environment - HPE - The High Performance Environment of Components

DefinitionHPE is an academic project that aims to provide an infrastructure for managing the deployment and the execution of parallel programs built from components on clusters of multiprocessors. HPE is a # programming system, which means that their components comply to the # (hash) component model, proposed to make parallelism a primary concern in the structure of components. A #-component is a component with a set of parts, called units, each one deployed in a node of the cluster and responsi

Sequence-labeler - A generic supervised CRF sequence labeler

IntroductionThis code allows arbitrary sequence tagging tasks to be defined by introducing an abstract FeatureFactory. If you're implementing a new sequence tagging task all you have to do is to extend the FeatureFactory for that task and call the setFeatureFactory() method on the CRFSequenceLearner object without having to figure out any of the obscure Mallet details. DependenciesAll code here is distributed with a "Do what you want" license but the following dependencies have their own licensi

Kohanaqueue - Kohana Queue Module

Kohana Queue Module DocumentationThe Kohana Queue Module was created by SocialAmp. It is released under the BSD license as detailed in the license.txt file included in each release. ArchitectureThe Kohana Queue Module runs on a client server methodology. A daemon server runs in the background on your application server scanning a database for Kohana jobs to run. When it finds a job to run, it loads the calling Kohana application, runs the task, and deletes it from the queue table. The Kohana Que

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