Clearer MVC

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In every application there are some variables that are set by the ASP.NET application( ASP.NET_SessionId cookie ) and some that are set by the programmer( cached data in Application/Session/Cache/Cookies and so on). This is the MVC project!



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LinkSmart Middleware

LinkSmart 2.0 released!


Programs (many of them useful) to explore what it means to use abstraction to write clearer programs.

Page-validation - the validation interface for jsp,asp,php,aspx,Perl Projects

goal:make page validation easier and clearer 最终目标:让页�校验从此��头疼���� 目��实现了jsp页�的校验接�(�直接调用js函数但比较��) 增加 jsp 自定义tag接� (目��支�IE,) 建议需���的�以用svn获得 demo project (myEclipse 的)。

Php-jquery-annotations - Add annotations to your web page / mock ups

IntroOften we presents an image mockup to customer and needed to explain to how each elements work in a separate document / email. Sometime it is inconvenient to explain which part of the design does what in words. This project adds enhancement the ability to let you Alt-Click on the screen and write your comment at the clicked spot. This way client and have a clearer understanding of how the design is desired to function. Screenshot Requirement / Dependencyuses MongoDB as the database to store

Mijob - User-based (as opposed to boss-based) project & hour management

MiJob is a project & hour management system written in PHP using MySQL. Its main goal is to be such a system that seems more like a genuinely handy tool, that is to say, to attract the users. Arguably, the most gruesome problem with project management systems is getting people to actually use it on a regular basis. The MiJob philosophy is that the user should feel like he is really using a tool that makes things easier and clearer, not a tool where at best, he doesn't screw up. MiJob is supposed


A Behavior Driven Design (BDD) library adding a clearer syntax and better organization to unit tests. Currently tested working with NUnit and MSTest.

Php-rofl - rofl() is a PHP variable inspection function which outputs formatted information about an

During PHP development I like to echo out the values of variables/functions to make sure they're what I expect or to find out what's in them. PHP's print_r() function works fine mostly but I decided I wanted the output formatted clearer and each variable type shown as well as the value. A big problem too is that if there's any HTML in the value you pass to print_r() then it gets printed to the page without being escaped so you get in a right mess. I decided to write my own function which tells y

Humanlikeweb - Web Application Automation Library which allows developers to easily create applicati

HumanLikeWeb is a Web Application Automation Library which allows developers to easily create applications that consume websites without any programming API's or other means of programmatic interaction. HumanLikeWeb uses a Job model consisting of different types of Steps. Currently, only one type of Step exists. The HttpSubmitStep contains a collection of Mappings, of which there are several types. A Mapping is simply a way to map some kind of data to a Request's POST/GET data as if it were comi

Sregex - Structural Regular Expressions

The sregex module implements Structural Regular Expressions. Structural Regular Expressions were created by Rob Pike and covered in this paper: Structural regular expressions work by describing the shape of the whole string, not just the piece you want to match. Each pattern is a list of operators to perform on a string, each time constraining the range of text that matches the pattern. Examples will make this much clearer. The first operator to

Parameter-checker - Utility library for Java method parameter precondition checking

OverviewParameterChecker is a small Java utility class, that provides methods that can be used to check the values of parameters passed into a method, and that throw IllegalArgumentExceptions with descriptive error messages if the parameters are not within the specified bounds. This allows fail fast in case a caller is using a method with invalid values, with a clear error message, instead of an hard to track bug later when the invalid value causes some obscure error. Usage examplepublic void cr