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Develop clean code with our .NET components (plus PowerShell, SQL, Java, Perl, and JavaScript components as well!). CleanCode highlights include user controls, a validation engine, a diagnostic system, an XML/HTML pre-processor, and a variety of articles on code design.



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Source Code Word Cloud Generator

Generate word cloud form your code to see what your code is about and what it does. A word cloud is a set of randomly arranged keywords, variable and class names etc. used in your code. The size and the color of each word expresses it's usage frequency. Rarely used words are s...

Cleanq2 - Sister project to CleanCode Quake 2; engine.

The sister project to CleanCode Quake2 (, except the engine this time! General InformationCleanCode is top priority at the moment so changes to this project may be slow, but they will get done. Bugfixes come first, stability comes second, small features come next, and renderer changes are at the very bottom of the list. This does not mean that a contributed patch/change will be overlooked, however. If anyone wants to help, drop us a line and we'll get yo

Stylecopcustomrulecleancode - StyleCop Custom Rules for Clean Code

Custom rules enforcing Clean Code based on the book of Robert C. "Uncle Bob" Martin. The CheckId's are CC for Clean Code and then the hex value of the first character of 'Smells and Heuristics' chapter from the book; e.g. F1 -> 4601

Cleancode-sandbox - Misc code and examples from the Clean Code book

Misc code and examples from the Clean Code book

Qtrunner - a Unit Test runner for C++ unit testing (GoogleTest & QTestLib)

News 10/17/2010: QTRunner 0.2 released10/15/2010: QTRunner 0.1 released QTRunner is a tool for running a number of unit tests and showing the results in a little GUI application. You can see QTRunner as a batch processor which runs all the tests in it's config. At the beginning QTRunner will support QTestLib and GoogleTest unit test executables. But support other Unit frameworks can be added easily. QTRunner is written in C++ and uses Qt, a cross-platform application and GUI framework from Nokia

Cleancodequake2 - CleanCode Quake 2, A clean, object oriented game DLL (NOT ENGINE) base for Quake 2

An object oriented, clean and stable version of the Quake II modding gamex86.dll system. This project aims to provide a clean, efficient, quick base for any modding you plan to deliver on Quake II. It also provides an easy to use, C++ base. Windows and Linux are both supported. Features at a glance: Full use of C++'s features, such as classes, templates and inline functions Original long-standing bugs fixed Object oriented entity system Private server entities that don't take up any network spac

FeedTutorial - used in a tutorial on

used in a tutorial on


used in a tutorial on

coderetreat_live - Cleancoders Build an App with Corey Haines (BAWCH) project

Cleancoders Build an App with Corey Haines (BAWCH) project

coderetreat_live - Cleancoders built an app with corey haines project

Cleancoders built an app with corey haines project

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