Clean AJAX

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AJAX framework that uses messages to control AJAX requests. Easy to use AJAX framework that provides message queue, XSLT, XPath, encryption (SHA1, MD5), web service access (SOAP, XML-RPC, JSON-RPC), cross browser AJAX, AJAX history and cache control.



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Folks Ajax Framework

The Folks Ajax Framework provides a clean, easy and fast way to build Ajax enabled web applications in .NET 2.0.

Niproject - adRotator

clean google's I_am_feeling_lucky-like homepage

Bill-tracker - Web based bill tracking package

Web-based bill tracking package designed to track what users owe what amount for what bills. Designed (and inspired) for use within a share house arrangement. Clean CSS and AJAX design provides a clean and smooth feel. Written in Ruby/Ruby on Rails. Check out some screenshots here.

Blueplate - Blueplate: Client-side web templating library

Blueplate is a client-side Javascript templating library for AJAX applications. It separates AJAX code from presentation, aiding MVC design and clean architecture. It also provides previewable AJAX pages that can be edited in web page design software. Blueplate's syntax is based largely on Google's Ctemplate syntax.Major Goals:- Model/View Separation- Offline Previewability- Loop Comprehension- Lightweight / Small Codebase- Simple API- No Dependencies

General-systems-cms - A PHP, Javascript and MySQL-based Content Management System

A clean, compact and feature-rich content management system based on a PHP/MySQL back-end with many Ajax functions for streamlining the user's experience. This project is an offshoot from the General Systems C++ Library project and the General Systems Commercial Site project, it adopts many of their design philosophies.

Nitroweb - Nitro Web Framework

Nitro redefines Rapid Application Development by providing a clean, yet efficient API, a collection of domain specific languages implemented on top of Ruby and Og, the most powerful and elegant object relational mapping solution available everywhere. Nitro is Web 2.0 ready, featuring excellent support for AJAX , XML , Web Services and Syndication while staying standards compliant.

Pyrotecnix - This is a workings of my site.

I'm still in the learning phase and as I learn more from doing more code. You will see in the revisions of my code how I start to change. Not only how I code but how clean my code starts to become.

Ajaxtiddlywiki - A Clean Ajax/ServerSide wrapper for TiddlyWiki

AjaxTiddlyWiki is a net wrapper for Jeremy Ruston's TiddlyWiki. I know, of course, that there are many projects that allow TiddlyWiki to be edited online. None of them met my needs, however, because by moving online, they gave up the portability and lightness that TiddlyWiki naturally has. They tended to be rewrites of large areas of code, and were almost uniformly out-of-date. I decided to overlay internet functionality on the existing distribution of TiddlyWiki. It uses PHP to process ajax req

Ajax-in-oop-way - The idea behind Ajax Class is to allow creation of cross-browser request objects i

The idea behind Ajax Class is to allow creation of cross-browser request objects in order to make Asynchronous/Synchronous HTTP request calls. Basically, it should provide Clean-Easy-Fast OOP way to make HTTP request calls. Without wasting developer time in handling of trivial errors while doing the process at the same time giving full control over the process making every bit of it customizable. If you have changes you want to the Ajax Class, send an email to the project owner/s and I/We will a

Moo-comet - MooTools 1.2 Comet

AboutRequest.Comet is a simple javascript class to create cross browser Comet(Reverse Ajax) applications easily. It provides realtime data transfers between client and server and can be used with any server-sided language. News-06.02.2008- v0.1.1 Cleaned up PHP code XHR.Comet v0.1 released. -05.29.2008- v0.1 Stable Version Released.