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Class2Table aka Entity2Table. Easy tool that allows creation of SQL tables from .Net types.



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Object-oriented Scientific Computing Lib

An object-oriented library for scientific computing in C++.

TCPDF - PHP class for generating PDF

TCPDF is a PHP class for generating PDF documents without requiring external extensions. TCPDF Supports UTF-8, Unicode, RTL languages, XHTML, Javascript, digital signatures, barcodes and much more.

Jcrudder - It generates code for your Java CRUD classes.

First create all the tables for your database. Then point Crudder to your database and provide table name. It will generate a class with JDBC source code for your usage. This is something like ORM. With the help of crudder system, there is no need to write complex SQL, crudder generates the sql syntax for you for Create- Insert Records to that table. Read - Select Query Update- Update those tables. Delete- Delete from those table. Each object of that class represents a row of your SQL. And just

J-text-utils - Text Utilities for Java

Gives text representations of common data views such as tree and table. A table example: ______________________________________________________________| First Name| Last Name| Sport | # of Years| Vegetarian||=============================================================|| Jane | White | Speed reading| 20 | true || Joe | Brown | Pool | 10 | false || John | Doe | Rowing | 3 | true || Kathy | Smith | Snowboarding | 5 | false || Sue | Black | Knitting | 2 | false | Read Using TextTable to see how it

Tablefilter - A jQuery table filter

A jQuery plugin to create table filters, it will automaticly create textinputs and selects (filled with unique values from the column). A few examples:$('table th').tablefilter();Creates a simple table filter with text-inputs on all th elements of the column $('table th.filterText').tablefilter({ type : 'text'});Creates a text-inputs only filter on all th elements with the class "filterText" of the column $('table th.filterSelect').tablefilter({ type : 'select' });Creates a select only filter on

Cxtags - CXTags is a small 18kb class for CodeIgniter that provides a complete tagging system for mu

REQUIRES THE CODEIGNITER FRAMEWORK This class allows any table, and any type of system, to add, edit, and delete tags from any object/row without interfering with other tables that are also using tags. For example, say you have 58 articles on your blog and each have 2-4 tags attached to them. Now you add a "Image Gallery" to your site to showoff your photos. You want to "tag" each photo with some key words (city, dark, night) that will help people sort through all the images. With this class bot

Db2object - A helpful Java tool to convert database tables into objects for instant manipulation

DB2ObjectDB2Object is a Java-based application that helps you convert complex database structures into easy-to-use Java classes from which objects can be derived and manipulated. Upon the slightest change in the database-structure, the classes can be regenerated without changing any of the code related with database manipulation programming.

Js-scroll-table-header - Class for making HTML table headers intelligently scroll along with the pag

ScrollTableHeader is a Javascript class that keeps selected rows visible when the user scrolls the page - or in other rows makes the header of a table fixed. It does so intelligently, or in other words, by default it behaves just as you would expect it to. The code was developed with performance as a priority as it is imperative that if you need such functionality, you are dealing with huge tables - ones that take up more than one screen. Unobtrusiveness and ease of implementation was the second

Phpmydumper - Php class for exporting databases and tables from MySQL

phpMyDumperphpMyDumper is a php class, that can be used for exporting databases and tables from MySQL. This is useful if you want to do automatic backup of your database using a cronjob and you for any reason do not have access to the mysqldump command. TodoVersion History1.10: (2009-10-28) Support for UTF-8 connections New option to dump AUTO_INCREMENT in table structure when used with older MySQL versions Reports progress information when creating sql file New example of how to use the stream

Xportdsl - Copy data between databases

Copy data between tables using GORM Configuration / TestingFor testing we are going to leave the configuration as is, but you should take a look at those files. The configuration will copy from a H2 Database to another H2 Database Configuration of the dataSource/dialect of the source database /applicationContextSource.xml /conf/source/ /conf/source/hibernate.reveng.xml Configuration of the dataSource/dialect of the destination database /applicationContextDestination.xml /conf