Clarke autoresponder

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Clarke is a Perl script for automatically replying to email. It has a featureful command line, and can be run from a .forward or .qmail file or interactively. It is used by The Apache Software Foundation.



Related Projects

Expat XML Parser

This is James Clark's Expat XML parser library in C. It is a stream oriented parser that requires setting handlers to deal with the structure that the parser discovers in the document.

Athens-docket - Web index of police and court dockets from Athens-Clarke County, Georgia

The Athens Docket History project is creating a web-based index of historical police and court records from Athens-Clarke County, Georgia, USA. Hosting for this project has moved to github:

Surfaceview - Non-Euclidean 2D-geometry

Experiment to simulate non-Euclidean 2D-geometry by locally unfolding a Catmull-Clark subdivision surface.

Gamecubesopwith - A port of the classic DOS game 'Sopwith' to the Nintendo Gamecube

Sopwith is a 2D CGA action game from the annals of DOS history where you fly a little biplane around bombing stuff and shooting down evil magenta-colored enemy planes. Gamecube Sopwith is actually a port of Simon Howard's 'SDL Sopwith', which in turn is a port/rewrite of the original DOS Sopwith by David L. Clark.

Dijjer - Peer-to-peer file distribution

Dijjer looking for new maintainerDue to other commitments, Dijjer's creator and primary developer Ian Clarke is no-longer able to maintain Dijjer. I'm looking for a good dedicated Java developer with the patience to become familiar with Dijjer's code-base, and revive the project. I will provide all the help I can in this endeavor. If interested, please email me at ian DOT clarke AT gmail DOT com. You should also take a look at the Development page to learn more about how Dijjer works. Introducti

Flickrpy - A Python library for the Flickr API.

A Python wrapper and example scripts for the Flickr API. It returns nice objects that are easy to manipulate: - requires an API KEY (variable API_KEY). Some example scripts: - Generates wallpapers from photos with the given tag(s) (Requires PIL) - Creates a photoset from your photos with the given tag(s). - Prints out a list of urls for photos in a given group pool. was original created by James Clarke. If you wish to contribute to

Rubyjson - JSON extension for Ruby

Parses and Generates JSON from and to Ruby Objects. Ruby 1.9 compatible. Ruby extension written in C. (using json-c library by Michael Clark at Usage is simple: JSON::generate(object) # Generates a JSON string from ObjectJSON::parse(json_string) # Parses a JSON string into a Ruby ObjectSee test.rb for examples. Get Sources from SVN repository. To build: ruby extconf.rb (Make sure json-c is in your library path)make (nmake in msvc)ruby test.rb (test it)Notes f

Sopwith 3

Sopwith 3 is a semi-official sequel to/remake of the two original versions of the classic arcade game Sopwith made by David L. Clark as an employee of BMB Compuscience. New features include working multiplayer.

Spotrobot - Project to control a custom robot using the SunSPOT and PIC microcontroller.

Team SpotOn RobotWhat is this?This project is designed to host the code that two California State University, San Marcos (CSUSM) students are creating to create a robot to enter in the first annual IAROC robotics competition in San Diego, California. Can I see it in action? Who did this?The students creating the project are Clark Scheff and Zeb Evans. Who supported this?California St

Cs294-13-subdivision - Project 3 for cs294-13 at UC Berkeley

Catmull-Clark subdivision and surface optimization.