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Welcome to ClanLib, a multi-platform game development library. ClanLib is a medium level development kit. At its lowest level, it provides a platform independent (as much as that is possible in C++) way of dealing with display, sound, input and such.



Related Projects

G2me - Generic 2D Map Editor

mapEd is an open source tilemap editor, and accompanying API for creating your own tile based game. Built on top of ClanLib SDK.

Insomnia Games

A place for developing games using the clanlib library


A 2D platform mecha-battler using ClanLib.


ClanBomber is a free (GPL) Bomberman-like multiplayer game for ClanLib, a multi-platform game-sdk ( There is also a Version for DirectFB, which will be the primary development path in the future.


OpenAlchemist is a new game project developped with C++ language and Clanlib framework. Our goal is to reimplement the game with free softwares and with free licenses (GNU GPL for code and Creative Commons for graphics).

Star War

Star War is a 2D space shooting game (like xsoldier) based on ClanLib. It's avaiable for Linux, Win32 and BeOS


A bomber game use ClanLib, OS Independent. more lovely. flexible to customize the map .also prize are in the game, such as super bomb, shoes(run faster),tortoise(riding seat). or property like corpse, bread JUST FOR FUN!