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Clan Info Menu is a plugin to e107 cms system. This plugin is a toolbox for handling your clan information such a war result, Roster.....



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Pbsviewer - PBSViewer is a free php program to view your punkbuster screens.

AboutThis program ‘PBSViewer’ also known as Punkbuster (pb) Screenshot Viewer will download punkbuster screens from your gameserver. Those downloaded screens are published on your website. Next to this you can search for pb screens by name or guid. DownloadsUse 'Featured downloads' to download the latest version. The change log can also be found here: changelog DemoYou can see this script in action on the following site: DocumentationDocumentation on ho

Aardwolf-scriptalicious - WinkleWinkle's Delicious scripts for Aardwolf mud

Aardwolf Mush Client Plugins and VI supportSearch and Destroy Plugin STANDALONE (Version 2.8)Combines the power of: auto-hunt, hunt-trick (now with hot-swappable targets), quick-where (linking where to your mush mapper), awesome-kill (command that attacks your last entered mob) and quick-scan (scanning for the last mob you hunted for) to make an integrated plugin that will make quests and campaigns a lot more streamlined. Download Search and Destroy Plugin Search and Destroy Triple Pack v2.8If y

Urtconnector - Advanced UrbanTerror launcher program and server browser

Advanced UrbanTerror launcher program. What can UrTConnector do? Primary developed by Vladislav Navrocky (, =XaoC= and Loaded Arms Russian clans members. This program uses Qt4, written in C++ and can be run on windows, unix or mac. Our jabber-conference on the program is here . UrTConnector at forum. Screenshots of UrTConnector are here. HowTo about the launching game in second X server is here. Mac developer wanted! Work on portin