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Clan is a german play-per-email-game. In a fantasy world, different races fighting for resources. It is written in Java. The development is stalled until a new graphicer or a big and free (GPL) repository of fantasy pictures is found.



Related Projects


This project has grown in the past years and became the most advanced web cms for clan and esport related pages. It features modul management, template and language switching and so on. It supports a wide range of php versions and database drivers. Clan Script for PHP

A clan management system for PHP using a MySQL backend. Allows leaders to easily update and maintain website with no HTML knowledge. Ability to add/update/delete members, news, ranks, medals, rules, diplomacy, and clan history. Ability for mem


Welcome to ClanLib, a multi-platform game development library. ClanLib is a medium level development kit. At its lowest level, it provides a platform independent (as much as that is possible in C++) way of dealing with display, sound, input and such.

The Clans BBS Door Game

The Clans was a popular game written for online BBSes back in the day of their great popularity. It is a text-based game featuring inter-BBS communications. It was written initially for Turbo C++, but has been ported to gcc and MSVC


pnClansite helps Clans and Tribes add the FPS-style features they need for their sites. Features include roster listings, rank system, match scheduling, and battle stats.

Bnetclanscripts - Clan Scripts for clan websites

These are a set of PHP scripts ready to run a website for any clan.

Ucs010 - Ultimate Clan System Version 0.1.0

This is a Clan based CMS (Content Management System) currently based of PHPnuke.

Vittore - gaming clan scripts

Vittore is a clan website script. It's highly configurable, and designed to be fast.