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To create an implementation of Novell ClientTrust for Linux and Mac OS-X



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System-compute - System.Compute: a Computation Framework for .NET/Mono

System.ComputeDescriptionSystem.Compute is a Computation Framework which currently only ports OpenCL to the .NET and Mono world. CUDA will be supported if I get the free time to implement and read myself into the code samples ;). Main DifferencesThe main difference to other OpenCL.NET libraries is that it is not a simple wrapper but a fully object oriented implementation as if OpenCL was programmed directly for .NET/Mono. SupportsOpenCL 1.2 β Specs (work in progress) Obsolete attributes throw w

Aspojo - Parses ActionScript 2.0 classes into Java objects

ASPOJO parses ActionScript 2.0 classes into a rich Java object model for code generation or measurement purposes. Packages, methods, classes, properties, members and javadoc comments (including tags) are all represented on the Java side.Some useful pattern-based classes for traversing the heirarchy are also included.INSTRUCTIONS:Download and add references to all the required Java archives (described below)Edit to point to your Flash intrinsics directory, as wellas any other cl

Socles - OpenCL image processing library for Java

A socle (sok-lee) is a plynth, or a foundation on which greater works are built. It non-coincidentally also contains the letter sequence 'ocl'. socles is a Java-hosted OpenCL processing library using JOCL as the binding mechanism. The goal is to produce a set of good implementations of basic image processing stages implemented in OpenCL, primarily targeting GPU processors. News25-5-12 Maybe a bit over-keen after a couple of wins elsewhere, I ported clsurf over to socles as well. I've checked in

Claudius-alphaworks - Host various tests, mocks and scripts I use at my day to day work.

This project hosts diverse small java projects I develop to help me at my day to day work. There are small alpha software that I want to use, bash scripts, and other softwares the script shows the top java threads, see an example $ 9772 5 PID USER VIRT RES SHR CODE DATA S %CPU %MEM TIME COMMAND 9814 claudio 1452m 55m 7316 4 1.4g S 5.9 0.9 0:00 /opt/jdk/jdk1.7.0_02/bin/java -Xss128k -Xmx1300m -classpath build/web/ 40 99999 1 9801 cl

Ruby-math-3d - Ruby Math Module for 3D Applications

SummaryA math module for 3D game programming and computer graphics. FeaturesSupports frequently-used vector and matrix classesRMtx3 (3x3 matrix) RMtx4 (4x4 matrix) RQuat (Quaternion) RVec3 (3 element vector) RVec4 (4 element vector) Two implementations that are interchangeable with each : Ruby extension library for faster execution. RMath.rb : Ruby implemantation for debugging use. Building RMath.soFor mkmf users$ ruby extconf.rb $ make For Windows users, type commands below via th

Discala - A lightweight dependency injection framework for the Scala language

The diScala Framework is a lightweight dependency injection framework for the Scala language. It is built around the cake pattern (mixins, nested classes and self type annotations) and other Scala language features (such as structural typing). It also draws heavily from concepts used in the Guice DI framework but adapts them for the Scala language. The core features of the framework are: A set of patterns for using Scala structural typing in larger, multi-module projects A small set of helper cl

Heron-language - The Heron programming language project

HeronHeron is a new general purpose programming language that aims to make large scale programming easier, faster, and safer, while also being appropriate for small scale programming tasks. Heron has a syntax which resembles Java, C#, ECMAScript, and Scala. Heron is primarily an object-oriented language, but borrows many ideas from functional languages, and even some from array-oriented languages. Distinguishing CharacteristicsThe following are some of the more notable features of Heron First cl

Rhcpdl - wget-esque utility for downloading files from Red Hat's Customer Portal

Why rhcpdlWell... the why behind the name is simple. R ed H at C ustomer P ortal D own L oader For the why behind its existence, read the Background section. BackgroundFor years many of us have been subscribers to Red Hat's Linux platform, or their other software. In a world where we do not always have the joys of a Linux desktop, many of us would download software from their web site by copying the provided URL for the software, which is a short-term randomly generated URL, and then from the CL

Sbql4j - Stack-Based Query Language for Java

This project is a result of research supported by Polish-Japanese Institute of Information TechnologyAn extension to Java language with an engine based on Stack-Based Architecture (SBA) It provides capabilities similar to Microsoft LINQ for Java language. Allows to process Java objects with queries. SBQL4J follow software engineering principles such as orthogonality, modularity, minimality, universality, typing safety, and clean, precise semantics. Code with queries are parsed by preprocessor in

Opencamlib - computer aided manufacturing algorithms library

Since 2011 July the latest code is now on GitHub: This SVN repository is out of date! OpenCAMLib ("ocl") is a GPL licensed C++ library with Python bindings for creating toolpaths for cnc-machines. Current features fall into roughly three categories: Cutter projection algorithms are used to project milling cutters axially ("drop-cutter") or radially ("push-cutter") in contact with a polygonal surface. Cylindrical, spherical, toroidal, and conical cutter shap