Common Lisp bindings for SDL

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Common Lisp bindings to the SDL library, OpenGL, and more.



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Cl-ge - a MVC Common Lisp Game engine

Im trying to code a Game enginge for common lisp on top of cl-sdl,featuring sounds(sdl-mixer)and networking(sdl-net)

Guessthedepth - Real-time structure from motion using GPGPU.

DependenciesWindows DirectShow for camera/video input SDL and OpenGL for graphics and event management OpenCL for GPGPU framework

Lispbuilder - Lispbuilder provides a range of libraries for developing useful portable Common Lisp a

Common Lisp Application BuilderProvides several useful cross-platform packages for Common Lisp Click here for the lispbuilder project wiki Game and multimedia developmentlispbuilder-sdl SDL game and multimedia library. Straightforward event loop, supporting either event polling or event waiting, Many graphics drawing primitives, Bitmap and vector graphic support, Load diverse image types, Play samples and stream music including mp3 and OGG, Bitmap and True type font support. lispbuilder-opengl O

Runningram - A simple action net game.

There are many rams (or cars) on the buttlefield moving, and crashes to obstacles, and other rams. And it's the aim for players to breake as more as possible enemies's rams. The game processes on a server, and each player connects there, by using a client. Game uses the isometric projection in sprites to draw picture. Game will be written using SDL libraries, so it can be transferred to any other platforms, not only linux. Obstacles are the set of rectangle walls, described in special file. This

Key-to-door - The Key To Door Project

FrançaisBut du jeuLe but du jeu est de ramener la clé dans la serrure par l'intermédiaire d'une flèche. Il vous suffit d’effectuer un cliquer-glisser de la flèche vers une plateforme en bois simple de façon à se que la flèche passe par la clé puis la serrure. Une fois les / la flèche(s) placée(s), cliquez sur play (le petit triangle vert à droite). RèglesUne flèche ne peut être posé QUE sur une plateforme de bois simple Une flèche qui à une clé se stoppe devant une autre clÃ

Onekeycodehighlighter - code highlighter in clipboard with only one key

This is the UI for the chc2c prjects.codehighlighter use gvim to highligher the code,so it support many language.The UI version could transform the code in clipboard or save it in files if you want.All the UI is a system tray icon with some can config it with config file. the coolest tool I created for my blog,lol. gvim installed is needed. cx_Freeze installed is needed. All the operation is finished with one keyif you want a console too

Code-highlight-clipboard2clipboard - highlight the code from the clipboard to the clipboard(HTML For

code-highlight-clipboard2clipboard highlight the code from the clipboard to the clipboard(HTML Format)---abbr:chc2c the simplest way I want,the most useful the code highlighter. Using for publish code highlighted blog or anything liked. If you can edit your web freely,You can use google syntaxhighlighter alternative. ( I create this project because I can't change any code in my blog host. Target platfrom include Windows and Linux. implemented with Pytho


A minimal SDL/NaCl example

cl-vis - easy drawing with lispbuilder-sdl

easy drawing with lispbuilder-sdl

sdlglLisp - Common Lisp using lispbuilder-sdl cl-opengl

Common Lisp using lispbuilder-sdl cl-opengl