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An ultra-lightweight, portable, single-file, simple-as-can-be ANSI-C compliant JSON parser, under MIT license.




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Jspickle - JSON Pickle encoder/decoder

Tired of using simplejson or cjson to encode and decode your data. Think that you need to have object support, like to exchange information outside of your class. jspickle allows for any Python object to be serialized into JSON. This library is based on the cjson library and allows for the definition of custon serialization methods to objects. It will recursivly traverse objects and collection (set, list, dict, etc.) and convert them to json representation. Usage>>> import jspickle>>> class foo

S60-json-library - Symbian S60 implementation of JSON parser.

s60-json-library is a Symbian C/C++ Json Parser easy and simple to use. Its code is released under the New BSD license. JSON (JavaScript Object Notation) is a lightweight, human-readable data-interchange format. For more information see http://www.json.org Changes in version 1.1: - Fixed issues: "A few fixes and improvements (mostly related to TReal64)." "memory leak in CJsonBuilder" "Crashes on Base64 encoded images" "null not recognized as value type and treated as string" "Escape sequence "\\

Action Model

Action Model is a light C#/JSON library

Cutil - A tool package provides C language functions like java.util collection and other data struct

C language collection tool package which provides basic data structure on different platform. Support Platform: |----- Windows |----- Linux |----- Unix |----- Solaris |----- Mac OS |----- VxWorks |----- Android Current now we only test on Windows and will development & test on other platform, please wait. Current Provide: |----- Vector for C, Thread safe |----- ArrayList for C |----- LinkedList for C |----- HashMap for C |----- HashSet for C |----- HashTable for C, Thread safe |----- Queue for C

Jsonrpclib - A pure-python implementation of the JSON-RPC Spec (v.2, v1 compatible) that mirrors xml

THIS PROJECT HAS MOVED TO GITHUB.CommunicationFeel free to send any questions, comments, or patches to our Google Group mailing list (you'll need to join to send a message): http://groups.google.com/group/jsonrpclib SummaryThis library implements the JSON-RPC 2.0 proposed specification in pure Python. It is designed to be as compatible with the syntax of xmlrpclib as possible (it extends where possible), so that projects using xmlrpclib could easily be modified to use JSON and experiment with th

Yi01lib - Python�便利�ライブラリ集

ã�Ÿã�¨ã�ˆã�°ä»¥ä¸‹ã�®æ©Ÿèƒ½ã�Œç°¡å�˜ã�«ä½¿ã�ˆã�¾ã�™ã€‚ ç”»åƒ�処ç�†  特徴ベクトル計算   CCV(Color Coherence Vector)   HOG   GIST â†�lear-gist descriptorã‚’æµ�用  簡å�˜ã�ªå¤‰å½¢   拡大/縮å°�   ガウシアンフィルタ 検索エンジンAPI  YahooJapan   Web検索   ブログ検索   知æ�µè¢‹æ¤œç´¢  Picasa 言語処ç�†  特徴語抽出   TF(term frequency)   TF-IDF   共起頻度ã�®å·®ã�‹ã‚‰ã�®æŠ½å‡º   Yayala ã�„ã‚�ã�„ã‚�ã�


JSON Parser for Progress ABL. This is based on a slightly adapted version of cJSON project (http://sourceforge.net/projects/cjson/).

Tornadorpc - Python libraries for XML/JSON RPC using the Tornado Framework

THIS PROJECT HAS MOVED TO GITHUB.OverviewThis library is an implementation of both the JSON-RPC and the XML-RPC specification (server-side) for the Tornado web framework. It supports the basic features of both, as well as the MultiCall / Batch support for both specifications. The JSON-RPC handler supports both the original 1.0 specification, as well as the new (proposed) 2.0 spec, which includes batch submission, keyword arguments, etc. There is also a base library that other RPC protocols could

Couchdb-python - CouchDB Python Library

Python library for working with CouchDB. This package currently encompasses four primary modules: couchdb.client: the basic client library couchdb.design: management of design documents couchdb.mapping: a higher-level API for mapping between CouchDB documents and Python objects couchdb.view: a CouchDB view server that allows writing view functions in Python It also provides a couple of command-line tools: couchdb-dump: Writes a snapshot of a CouchDB database (including documents, attachments, an

jsonist - Somewhat useful wrapper around cjson

Somewhat useful wrapper around cjson

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