CJK Decomposition Data

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The CJK Decomposition Data File is a graphical analysis of the approx 75,000 Chinese/Japanese characters in Unicode.




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Cjklib - Han character library for CJKV languages

Cjklib provides language routines related to Han characters (characters based on Chinese characters named Hanzi, Kanji, Hanja and chu Han respectively) used in writing of the Chinese, the Japanese, infrequently the Korean and formerly the Vietnamese language(s). Functionality is included for character pronunciations, radicals, glyph components, stroke decomposition and variant information. Cjklib is implemented in Python. Documentation is hosted on http://cjklib.org. See also Features and Screen

Vy-language - CJK character decomposition data

The CJK Decomposition File has been updated to over 75,000 unihan tokens, removed the font file, and moved to a new home at groovy.codeplex.com.

Ideodict - A flexible dictionary consulting,collaborating, and updating system for CJK ideographs

和��學辭典· What's this和��學辭典(ideodict)是一個CJKV表�文字的動態檢索系統。顧��義,辭典二字��味它是按語詞系統編排�用來查索語詞解釋的工具書,但和��學辭典��是一部辭典,它是一個[公共領域]的辭書集,而且這箇辭書集也�是它的全部,它還�供一個�務於辭書用戶的介�和志願者�作進行辭書編纂校讎工作的平臺: 和�是和衷共計��心�力的�