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CityBuilder is an attempt to automate much of the work involved in creating large virtual urban landscapes. The system takes a street map as input, and produces street geometry and a scene graph as output. Applications include games (think GTA*), etc.



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Simulty - The multiplayer city building game

Simulty is a city-building game (simulation) that you can play alone, against AIs or with your friends. Build a glorious city together or compete and try to ruin each other. AboutTeam up with one or more friends and cooperate or compete with each other to make your city the worlds greatest. You can also play by yourself. Build and manage your city placing resident zones, making sure there is enough power and that the people can get to their jobs by building roads. You can race with your friend t

Lincity-accessible - Making Lincity accessible to the motor impaired.

A project assignment for a group of UNR (Reno) Students for making Lincity NG accessible to the motor impaired. Student Developers: Jigar Patel, Juan Quiroz, Manjari Sapre

City-builder-mif29 - A city builder

CityBuilder 9.06 "Pissed Mushroom" v1.0This project aimed to rand, generate and build a large city with opengl. The first version is now available, but the project still in development. Features : Semi-Random city génération based on a combination of generic assets and specified plan QGLViewer to view the result Easy to write plans to specifiy asset and create new combinaisons Links : Quick explanation of the project here (in french) : Building a Pissed Mushroom Some screenshots to see what it

citybuilder - CHAnge (formerly citybuilder)

CHAnge (formerly citybuilder)

ElmCity - City-building game.

City-building game.

RogueCaves - Roguelike focused on resource management and city-building.

Roguelike focused on resource management and city-building.


A city-building rts microbiology game


A fledgling city-building game (in C#) based in the Stuart period around the Great Fire of London (in 1666).

citybuilder - A Card Based Multi Player Board Game

A Card Based Multi Player Board Game