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Citrus is a library and suite of demo applications for converting numbers with units into numbers with different units.



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Django-forms-builder - Allow Django Admin users to create their own forms

Since being released here on Google Code, django-forms-builder has been entirely rewritten and is now hosted on both github and bitbucket The home page for the previous version still exists here.

citrus - Java-based Web Framework for Alibaba Group

Java-based Web Framework for Alibaba Group

Orangerinds - A Radical and Easy Web Framework

OrangeRindsThe Citrus Part of LifeThis project is intended to develop a Website Framework in PHP with the Following Objectives: Fully Based on Modular Patterns (with Intra-Module Abstraction --> EMVC - 'Extended' MVC) Completely Utilizing all of PHP's OOP capabilities Meant to be have an Intrusion-Proof Architecture (By Utilizing URI Rewriting and "Core Component Dependency") Doesn't Require additional Bulky Libraries like PEAR Completely Database Independent (can utilize almost all Database Eng

Daimons - Project of Gobelins School 1st year

Daimons is a game made with citrus engine & Kinect

Django-email-extras - PGP encrypted and multipart emails using the Django templating system

Introductiondjango-email-extras provides the ability to send PGP encrypted and multipart emails using the Django templating system. These features can be used together or separately. When configured to send PGP encrypted email, the ability for Admin users to manage PGP keys is also provided. Dependenciespython-gnupg is required for sending PGP encrypted email. InstallationSimply checkout from SVN and drop the email_extras package into your project's apps or site-packages directory and add email_

Gigabitipa - Gigabit IPA, an open source IPA.

When Google invited America to get inspired by gigabit fiber technology, Portland’s innovative geek and brewer communities responded by creating a fresh and edgy organic beer to answer Google’s call. Portland Gigabit IPA offers a massive NW hop aroma, rich citrus and pine accents aggressively balanced with clear malt caramel flavor, and a deep, clean, satisfying finish. We believe in the opportunity offered by gigabit fiber networks for Portland and for communities everywhere. We’re “ope

Arduino-garden-data - Arduino Based Garden Control & Data Logger

Arduino based controls for watering garden, mixed with produce, citrus & fruit trees, including decorative trees and shrubbery. Intent is to data log temperature, sun exposure, soil moisture and rainfall, plus any activity of actuation of watering.

citrus-ci - Citrus continous integration.

Citrus continous integration.