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Cities3D is a cross-platform OpenGL port of the classic board game Settlers of Catan, written using wxWidgets, boost, and cppunit. It supports hotseat and online play, and has both Seafarers and Cities amp; Knights, with all maps and rules.



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XNavigator is the online viewer for the OpenStreetMap Globe at and much more. It is an interactive 3D viewer and integrated client for exploring virtual city and landscape models. A wide range of interaction and navigation possibilities makes it easy to visualize and analyze very detailed virtual urban environments. XNavigator is the first application that supports the Web3DService (W3DS) service interface.

Moo Mapper

Moo Mapper is a 3D object placement editor for Grand Theft Auto III and Grand Theft Auto Vice City.


OpenCity is another 3D city simulator. You can build residential, commercial and industrial zones then supply them with necessary goods and watch them grow up. Version 0.0.6stable is now available for download. Any feature request/bug report is welcome


A new 3D Effect ViewController transition inspired by NatGeo (City Guides by National Geographic)


Earth3D is a program to display the earth as a 3D globe (including heightfields) in real-time. One can zoom until cities become visible. It uses huge datasets that are loaded on demand over the internet. It is possible to embed dynamic data into the view

Battlecity3d - Remake of the old and famious 'Battle City' game.

ErelisA 3D remake of the old NES game - Battle City. Note: this is a school project.

Citygml2obj - Simple script to convert limited CityGML to Wavefront OBJ

Simple script to convert limited CityGML to limited Wavefront OBJ, which should work properly on bing maps 3d.

Nyc3d - New York City 3D

A 3D, interactive New York City. The pre-release versions are intended to show the vision of the project. The majority of the code will not remain in the later versions, as most of it is designed to be used on a small scale. We need developers like you! If you have skills in coding, modeling, AI, sound, or New York City in general, we need your help to get NYC3D running. Begin by joining the forum and posting there. The NYC3D community would like to greet you and then you can contribute in any w

Makecity - City Generator for Blender

A collection of Python Scripts, and required support to allow the rapid creation of Road networks, and simple buildings in Blender.