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SeerSuite is an application toolkit for digital libraries and search engines; i.e., CiteSeerX.



Related Projects

Whalebot - C/C++ web crawler

SummaryWhalebot is open-source web crawler. It is intended to be simple, fast and memory efficient. It was created as a targeted spider, but you may use it as common. Current release 0.02 Current state. Bold - done, normal - TODO If something broken or you have an idea, please visit UsagesIt was used for collecting papers on target thematic from for my master degree work Candidates for logo were collected using whalebot Eating

Php-rstr-max - A PHP tool for extraction of maximal repeats in strings

This implementation allows the detection, in quasi-linear time, of all the maximal repeats in one, or more, strings. Let S a string of lenght ''n'' over a finite alphabet Σ. Si refer to the i-th character of S. Si..j refers to a substring of S starting at the position i and ending at position j. Each position 0 ≤ i < n represents a unique suffix Si..n-1 of S. LCi refers to the Left Context of a suffix i. We note £ the special left context LC0. We note with the special symbol $ the character

Py-rstr-max - Python program for the detection of maximum repeats in strings

py-rstr-max : detection of all maximal repeats in strings, a python implementationWhat does it look for? Usage Bench py-rstr-max please Have fun with py-rstr-max py-rstr-max formally See also What does it look for?This implementation allows the detection, in linear time, of all the maximal repeats in one, or more, strings. The complete extraction is done in quasi-linear time |n + z| where z is the number of maximal repeats in S. This implementation uses the computation of suffix array in linear

Dc3 - An implementation of the DC3 algorithm for Suffix Array Construction.

An implementation of the DC3 algorithm for Suffix Array Construction, including computation of longest common prefixes. Based on: "Simple Linear Work Suffix Array Construction" (2003) by Juha Karkkainen, Peter Sanders, and Stefan Burkhardt

Madis - Complex data analysis/processing made easy

AboutmadIS is an extensible relational database system built on top of the SQLite database with extensions implemented in Python (via APSW SQLite wrapper). In usage, madIS, feels like Hive (Hadoop's SQL with User Defined Functions language), without the overhead but also without the distributed processing capabilities. Nevertheless madIS can easily handle tens of millions of rows on a single desktop/laptop computer. madIS' main goal is to promote the handling of data related tasks within an exte

Django-myerscms - A CMS with Revision Control Capability

A Bazaar-Style Open Source Project: We are all familiar with the basic concept of a web-based CMS. Implementations in various forms and permutations in Java Websphere, Zend PHP, Joomla, Drupal, Python Zope and Python Plone already exist and are very well known. So, why are we reinventing the wheel? In this open source project, we have implemented a powerful "Diff": algorithm in a Django-based CMS, described by Eugene Myers in one of his papers

Dewall-omp - DeWall implementation and paralelization

In mathematics, and computational geometry, a Delaunay triangulation for a set P of points in the plane is a triangulation DT(P) such that no point in P is inside the circumcircle of any triangle in DT(P). Delaunay triangulations maximize the minimum angle of all the angles of the triangles in the triangulation; they tend to avoid skinny triangles. The triangulation was invented by Boris Delaunay in 1934. source: This is a parallel implementati

Json4mat - JSON parser for Matlab

This Matlab toolbox converts JSON formats into (json2mat) and from Matlab structures. The name, JSON4MAT, is a wink to an old, outdated but similalry minded XML toolbox XML4MAT ( from the days when XML was emerging as the interoperable format of choice and Matlab did have a native XML parser. JSON4MAT was originally developped to support another Matlab toolbox, COUCH4MAT. Web directory Manual / tuto

Lru-cache-cpp - LRU cache for C++

A C++ implementation of an LRU cache that has a maximum size (but no expiration time). The cache is implemented as a single hash table and provides fast, constant-time insertion, retrieval and query operations. Usage#include <iostream>#include "lru.hpp"using namespace std;int compute_value(int key){ return 100 + key;}int main(){ // Create a cache that can hold 10 (int, int) pairs at most typedef plb::LRUCacheH4<int, int> lru_cache; lru_cache cache(10); // Insert a (key, value) pair into the cach

citeseerx-restore-tool - tool to parse citeseerx metadata dump, download papers and save to db

tool to parse citeseerx metadata dump, download papers and save to db