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Projet en C# qui sert au recueillement de données multi-sites.



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Video-call - Open Source Video Calling Software

Open source version of the SVC video call engine. SVC is the successor of RVC video chat and RVC Open Source Video Chat. RVC is 2010′s highest customer-rated video chat software for starting a random video chat. SVC includes audio, video and text data streaming over Cirrus – real time media flow protocol (RTMFP) by ©Adobe Labs. AFMS and Red5 support to be included after first stable release. Open Source Video Chat

Video-chat - Open Source Video Chat

Open Source Video Chat Open source version of the popular Govido ( random video chat; project RVC. RVC is 2010′s highest customer-rated video chat software to start a random chat service. Includes audio, video and text data streaming over both Cirrus – real time media flow protocol (RTMFP) by ©Adobe Labs – and the open source Red5 media server (RTMP). Most chat roulette websites are powered by or built on RVC 4+. Screenshots and more infoVisit:

Homectrl - A home control system to control Consumer Electronics devices(philips or RC6 mode0).

This project was done at Philips Embedded Systems Lab at SJCE Mysore The code provides basic CLI to control multiple IR devices over TCP/IP. client -> to submit request server -> continously runs and serves client adapter -> generates config file. server runs on the dev board, to which IRMS3 is connected. client runs on any device that connects to network (in our case, another dev board or host machine). adapter generates a simple config file.The system also provides a Scheduling capability, so

Cirrusimage - cirrusImage

cirrusImage is a work in progress.More importantly cirrusImage is a location for me to store an image with information about that image as a single file. This allows cirrusImage to have an API for retrieving that information and/or image. Beyond being a showcase of my Works In Progress Current Work is a showcase highlighting a few of my development interests. Namely flat-file storage of descriptive text within the image. a.k.a image metadata and, in this specific case, EXIF Comments. Additionall

Integerized Vorbis Project

A fast, integerized implementation of the OGG Vorbis decoder, capable of running faster than real time on processors such as the Cirrus Logic 7212/7312. This implementation is written in C.

Cirrus-x - Cloud based solutions creation and abstraction

Cirrus-x (Cix) is an OpenSource toolkit for building cloud based internet components and solutions. Components or solutions built using it can run in the cloud, on individual internet based servers or on servers behind organisational firewalls. In fact these components can run across several layers in a concurrent and distributed fashion if so desired. Cirrus-x can be used to build simple components or complex cloud based information systems. It includes built in redundancy and data replication

Armpit Scheme

A scheme (lisp) interpreter written in ARM assembly language (ARM7TDMI, ARM920T, Cortex-M3) for education, robotics, wearable devices. Tested on NXP LPC-1300,1700,2000, ATMEL AT91SAM7, STM STR711, STR911, STM32, CIRRUS EP9302, LMI LM3S1968, TI OMAP.