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A product oriented towards the need of having a powerful tool improving the construction process of applications. User interface for creating Entity Dictionary, generating .Net classes and also SQL model. It provides a strong productivity oriented.



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Posi9-g11-circo - Circo Posi Grupo 11

This is a academic project to develop a small management software for a circus

Cirviz - Circular and visualize relational data with JQuery

Cirviz is a Jquery plugin for relational data visualization in circular style. TODOAdd the jquery plugin implementation . Add the portal to circos .

Circo Image Player for SharePoint

Circo Image Player is a new webpart that provides an easy way to publish banners and slide shows from a picture library on your SharePoint pages.


Un programa hecho con amor

Circos - Circular data visualizations for comparison of genomes, and other things.

Circos creates data visualization with a circular layout. Currently, its primary use is to visualize genomic data that relate positions (alignments, conservation, synteny, rearrangements), but it is sufficiently flexible to be used in any application where a linear layout of scale is inadequate.

Circos-chn - Circos Chinese Document - Circos 中文文档

English IntroductionThis project is for translating Circos ( ) document and tutorials into Chinese . Chinese Introduction# 本项目用于Circos文档中文化的翻译项目�果�布。 # 更多介��考项目wiki页: CircosChineseDocument # 翻译项目的�作平�: [已废弃] 当�进度2011-6-9 BY nodexy 暂� 网络资料Circos�视化自由软件 中文简介

Jean-projeto - projetos_pessoais

Alguns projetos pessoais. No primeiro momento vou criar o projeto para a minha festa de aniversário de 2009, com o tema Circo

Circos - Circos GUI wrapper

Circos GUI wrapper

circos - Circos App Facebook

Circos App Facebook