CIL (C Intermediate Language)

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CIL (C Intermediate Language) compiles C programs into a simplified subset of C and assists with program analysis and transformation.



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Cilsuite - Contains a suite of tools for processing .NET CIL bytecode.

Contains a suite of tools for processing .NET CIL bytecode. CIL Diff - Like the unix diff command, except operates on CIL bytecode.

P6il - generador de codigo CIL para P6

generador de codigo CIL para P6 hecho en haskell utilizando alex y happy.

Cilada - CIL Assembly Dependency Analyser

A utility that can show all the dependencies of an assembly (dll or exe) that is in the Common Intermediate Language (CIL). It is designed to be used with dependency analysis tools such as gql4jung.


SharpScriptLib is a library for compiling C#(CSharp) code in runtime and running in a new Application Domain or Invoking a method. Support: 1) Full C# Code compilation 2) Running CIL Assemblies in a new Application Domain with arguments 3) Invoking Methods from CIL Assemblies...

Zero-php - Zero PHP CMS

O Zero-PHP é um CMS escrito em PHP com o objetivo de ser: fácil de usar, seguro e extensível.

Wp-sorteos-fenix - Plugins WP para sorteos

Permite crear y administrar sorteos de forma fácil y sencilla usando WordPress como plataforma.

Busman-jose - program to manage and organize bus reservation

Projekt si klade za cil automatizovat a optimalizovat rezervaci autobusu pres internet. Program se spousti jako lokalni program a komunikuje pomoci http.