CID: Comprehensive Intelligent Deployment

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CID is created to ease and leverage deployment for enterprise web applications. It includes conceptual and methodology guidelines as well as several tools to get it working within your software development project. CID is intended to help development, operations and manageme...



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Network Caller ID

NCID is Caller ID (CID) distributed over a network. The NCID package includes a server, gateways, and a client with output modules. Additional packages are available. The LCDncid client package uses LCDproc to display Caller ID on a LCD display.

TCPDF - PHP class for generating PDF

TCPDF is a PHP class for generating PDF documents without requiring external extensions. TCPDF Supports UTF-8, Unicode, RTL languages, XHTML, Javascript, digital signatures, barcodes and much more.

FontForge -- An Outline Font Editor

FontForge allows you to edit outline and bitmap fonts. You may create new ones or modify old ones. It is also a format converter and can interconvert between PostScript (ascii amp; binary Type1, some Type3, some Type0), TrueType, OpenType (Type2), CID, SVG

Iqmerge - Increasing the identification of peptides in iTRAQ experiments

In iTRAQ experiments both HCD and CID spectra are acquired. But identifications are done only using CID spectra where as quantification is done using HCD spectra. iQmerge attempts to merge HCD and CID spectra in an intelligent way to increase the identification of peptides using search engines. iQmerge project is developed and maintained by Ashoka Polpitiya (, Significant portions of the work were performed at Translational Genomics Research Institute

Cid-net - Conference Intelligence Display

A windows presentation foundation application that displays conference tracks / course in a non medieval fashion.

Mamushi - P2P Resource Query System

This project can query the p2p resources from Thunder Network,QQDownload,Emule Network,Bittorrent Network etc.. for example: you can put the download link into my P2P Resource Query System,can get more same resource link or p2p peers. The original download link below. and you can get many links and peers also have the same file. http link counts: 11 http node is:

El Cid

El Cid is a cheezy little caller id program for Linux. Running as a background process, El Cid writes output into a comma seperated variable file. This is then parsed by other utilities such as, which generates pages for viewing via the web.

Cours-django - Cours Django sur le Site du Zéro

Suite à des ouvertures sur le Site du Zéro, une petite équipe a décidé de se lancer dans la rédaction d'un cours complet pour Django. C'est ici que se passera les différentes structurations et informations à propos de ce dernier.

Metamap - MetaMapp is a tool to generate Cytoscape network graphs from chemical similarity and mass

:: Introduction :: MetaMapp is a tool to generate Cytoscape network graphs from chemical similarity and mass spectral similarity matrices. In addition, it generates KEGG reaction pair graph for any given list of KEGG ids and CID's pairs. It assists the visualization of metabolomics data sets for the biological interpretation of underlying experimental design. :: Repository :: Sabversion is used for project repository, maintenance and issue tracking. Use this command to check out the latest proje

Pyhome - 'pyHome' is a simple, efficient system for home automation

'pyHome' consists of several modules. Each module implements a different function (e.g. Caller Identifying, services for home automation and other services offered by third parties). All modules use and communicate with each other through a single notification system.