Citizen Intelligence Agency

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Tracking Politicians Like Bugs. Using java, maven, spring 3.x, hibernate 3.5.x, ehcache 2.x, vaadin, javamelody.



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PHP Library Developer

PHP and Cia. PHP resources and other web recources: application web generator, code generator, sql query executor, etc.

Kckgroupone - students kck projects agent

Projekt agent na zajęcia kck.

Farmacia-ifrn - Gerenciamento de Farmácias

Software Livre desenvolvido para a Farmácia de Todos - RN---- Desenvolvimento por alunos de TADS - IFRN 2010

Ciatool - Cause & Influence Assesment Tool

CIA (Cause & Influence Assesment Tool) enables one to collect information from experts. They make assesments on particular causes, that make some influences in environment.

Esporteclubesitetcp - Site para clubes

Site para publicação de notícias e eventos referentes ao clube para seus sócios

Memoria-rebelde - Memória Rebelde

Tenha as notícias mais quentes de TODAS as versões de Rebelde.


A Java-based Commodore 64 emulator. Runs most of C64 games and many demos. Emulates CPU (6510), VIC-II (on a cycle level), SID (including filters, combined waveforms and bugs) and CIA. Easy to add to any web-page using Java/Javascript.

Opensource-ach - Analysis of Competing Hypotheses, a Web app based on an eponymous CIA research meth

Analysis of Competing Hypotheses is a simple research methodology developed at the CIA over 30 years ago. When a research problem overwhelms you with evidence that points in many different directions, ACH can help you think objectively and logically about the problem. This software also lets teams of researchers contribute their thoughts, and then automatically pinpoints the precise areas of dispute, allowing team members to have a more focused debate. Code repository will soon be available here