Cluster Infrastructure for Linux (CI)

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This project is developing a common infrastructure for Linux clustering by extending the CLuster Membership Subsystem (quot;CLMSquot;) and Internode Communication Subsystem (quot;ICSquot;) of the OpenSSI project.



Related Projects


The CILogon project facilitates secure access to Cyberinfrastructure (CI) via the community-driven development and support of the MyProxy, GridShib, and GSI-OpenSSH software.


CI Joe is a fun Continuous Integration server.

gitlab-ci - Continuous integration server for gitlabhq | Coordinator

Continuous integration server for gitlabhq | Coordinator


Chef cookbooks collection used for Travis CI environment/VMs, worker machines and so on


CI::Reporter is an add-on to Test::Unit and RSpec that allows you to generate XML reports of your test and/or spec runs.

zCI Computer Inventory System

zCI is an free and open source web-based computer inventory system. It has client software for Windows and Linux. Both can detect monitor serial number, computer serial number, software information and etc. zCI also includes peripheral inventory and owne

Cruisetoolkit - A toolkit of Cruise

Cruise is a CI server built by Thoughtworks.

Ci-simplecart - CI Simple Shopping Cart

ci-simplecart is a simple shopping cart web application which is developed using CodeIgniter.

Ci-facebook - A implimentation of the Facebook Platform in CodeIgniter

CiFacebook is an attempt to port the Facebook platform into CodeIgniter.