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This is a simple utility to track the amount of time a PC is used. It can the used to determine 1. whether PCs are being used optimally, e.g. internet cafe's. 2. productivity (similar to punchcards). 3. sleep/wake cycles or bipolar cycles.



Related Projects

Darcs - Distributed Revision Control in Haskell

Darcs is a distributed advanced revision control system written in Haskell. It is similar to Git, Mercurial and Bazaar. User will have own personnel repository and commits his changes to it. Later the changes are pushed to the centralized repository. Every repository is a branch and it provides support to integrate the changes between them. It provides support to send the changes by email.

digiKam - Advanced Digital Photo Management

digiKam is an advanced digital photo management application for KDE, which makes importing and organizing digital photos a snap. The photos can be organized in albums which can be sorted chronologically, by directory layout or by custom collections. It provides support to add tag, comment to your images.

Stardate System Tray

Stardate System Tray is a desktop widget which displays the current stardate (and other chronologies) in a tray icon. Suitable for any platform with Java 6 or better. The Debian version has been superceded with a Python variant which can be found at


chronoline.js is a library for making a chronology timeline out of events on a horizontal timescale.

Auto Screen Capture

Automatically capture the primary display as a series of screenshots saved in chronological order at a capture rate determined by you.


UICollectionViewLayout for displaying chronological data. Similar to the "Week" view in the Apple Calendar app.

y_serial: warehouse Py objects w/ SQLite

Serialization + persistance : in a few lines of code, compress and annotate Python objects into SQLite; then later retrieve them chronologically by keywords without any SQL. Most useful quot;standardquot; module for a database to store schema-less data.

Chronocms - Chronological CMS in Django

The plan is to use, Flickr and other APIs to create a personal, chronological CMS.

Cronorama - Cronorama allows you to enter nformation in form of events, and show them in a timeline.

Display events, from news or feeds to your agenda or your whole family history, in a chronological way.