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Store journal, book and standards information. Add members so that you can lend books to them and have reports giving you upto date information about your library status. Ideal for schools and colleges.



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2000-mile-enginer-phev-attempt - An attempt to log a 2000 mile tank with the aid of a 4kWh Enginer.u

This project will chronicle Dan Bryant's attempt to modify a 2008 Prius with a 4kW Enginer PHEV conversion. This will entail: Documenting and Installing a 4kW Enginer PHEV modification. Documenting and Installing a Prius "Thermostat Hack" Documenting the already installed OEM Prius EV button Documenting the already installed OEM Block Heater Documenting driving strategies to optimized for PHEVs. Documenting pack cell statistics and driving stats.