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Chronic is a constraints-based, opportunistic, application level scheduler in the spirit of cron.



Related Projects

chronic - Chronic is a pure Ruby natural language date parser.

Chronic is a pure Ruby natural language date parser.


Chronic is a pure Ruby natural language date parser.

Schedule-chronic-distributed - A distributed resource/time based scheduler for Linux/UNIX

Schedule::Chronic::Distributed is a distributed scheduling system using a shared database backend. This allows you to schedule jobs based on a combination of criteria including time of day, available resources per node, and status of other jobs. Also included is a Maypole Web application providing monitoring, management and reporting of the Schedule::Chronic::Distributed scheduler.

Epoch-ruby - A Rubyish implementation of Martin Fowler's Temporal Pattern

A Rubyish implementation of Martin Fowler's Temporal Pattern and Chronics extension, that allows you to defines recurring events with syntax sugar and natural language.

Tcmplugins - A collection of Tom MacWright's plugins for Textpattern

This is a collection of my plugins for Textpattern. I hope that hosting them here will make them a little more easily found in the future (and immune to my chronic site updating)


A simple Ruby natural language parser for elapsed time

Free-clinic-project - electronic medical records for the web and android handsets

The focus of our project is to provide a free, secure, and portable platform for storing patient information and managing their diseases in order to to provide patients with the best care possible. Our client is the UCSD Student-Run Free Clinic Project which serves underserved people in the city of San Diego. We are designing our software to fit their needs, and ultimately, the needs of Free Clinics around the nation and the world.

Picture-bank - CGI scripts to index and lexically associate directories of images in large archives

Picture Bank is nearly ready for it's first release. Everything is useable except the thumnails script (which is chronically slow and has an important bug in it) This is a pre-alpha version of Picture Bank - most things work but it needs lots of work on it too. Although it is originally created with image files in mind, when complete it should work with any type of file that can be displayed/played in a web-browser. Picture Bank is created as a result of the observation that people tend to creat

Cdc-twitter-health - Iphone Twitter apa CDC

Twitter based cdc project that track chronic health care conditions