Chord 4.0

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Java version of the Chord (a.k.a. ChordPro) program for guitar player music sheet formatting. By the authors of the 1991 version of chord (version 3.5.1)



Related Projects

tksolfege ear training program

Tksolfege is an ear training program for learning to recognize chords, intervals, perform rhythm dictation, solfege dictation and singing solfege sequences. The program requires Tcl/Tk 8.4, however the Windows executable has Tcl/Tk builtin.


ChordCast is a chord editor written in Java (swing). It uses an XML format to save chord sheets to files. Chordcast can also export to HTML files using PNG images for chords. It requires J2RE 1.4 to run.

Musicmuse - Music composer's tool

Aim of this project is:Tool for generating chord progressions (as pratical using of musical harmony see Beside writing usefull app, I have these tasks: create testing app in ExtJs 4.0 create testing app In Sencha Touch test sharing between ExtJs 4.0 and Sencha Touch Typical user:Typical user of this app is musician, user which knows musical instruments better than computers, so this app should be very simple, intuitive and useful. Demo

Mingus - Music package for Python

mingusWhat's mingus?Intervals, Chords, Scales and Progressionsmingus is a package for Python used by programmers, musicians, composers and researchers to make and investigate music. At the core of mingus is music theory, which includes topics like intervals, chords, scales and progressions. These components are rigurously tested and can be used to generate and recognize musical elements using convenient shorthand where possible (for example some acceptable chords are: "CM7", "Am6", "Ab7", "G7").

Easy-midi - MIDI access from Java

Play sound via MIDI Screenshot Что такое MIDI - �то �тандарт на команды управлени� �интезатором или другими у�трой�твами во�произведени� звука. Т.е. в .mp3, например, хранит�� оцифрованный звук а в файлах .mid только ноты которые во�производит звукова� карта. преимуще�тва MIDI: е�ть в любом комп

Abc4j - A Java library for music notation in general and abc notation in particular.

The abc4j java library provides API to handle abc musical notation using java (>=jdk 1.2 but core classes only rely on 1.1.8). It provides a parser to parse tunes written in abc notation, and other classes in order to support midi playback, music score display etc etc. It only supports abc v1.6 (for now... :). You can extend the basic capabilities of the library to implement your own dedicated features like improved midi player, or whatever... The library also comes with the "ABCynth" Java Appli

Jfugue - JFugue - Java API for Music Programming

JFugue - Java API for Music ProgrammingWith JFugue, playing music in your application is easy: Player player = new Player();"C D E F G A B");JFugue builds on this easy-to-use basis to provide advanced capabilities like creating rhythms and microtones, sending and getting music to and from external devices, and converting between different music formats. A complete list of features is available on the official JFugue website, Here's a fun example that demonstrat

Quelea-projection - Open source song projection software

SummaryPlease see for the main website! There's some good lyrics projection software out there already, some of which is free and open source, some of which is commercial. With Quelea we aim to incorporate the best features of existing solutions as well as leveraging new, useful technologies that existing solutions don't have - providing it all under a free, open source license. Latest version: 0.5.1Video errors are now more clearly displayed Large number of images in img folde

Toneedu - Musical practicing software

This is a musical education software. It is based on twisted framework, so it's fully component-based, you can write plugins for it. For now, there is only one plugin available, which teaches to recognise intervals, 3-chords, 4-chords and modal scales.

Microchord - A High-Performance Chord Implementation

Please use the project's google group for requesting support. OverviewMicrochord implements the routing layer of the Chord protocol. StatusMicrochord is in pre-alpha state and the API is likely to change until the project reaches GA (for a definition of the terms pre-alpha and GA see this Wikipedia article). LicenseMicrochord is licensed under the GNU AFFERO GENERAL PUBLIC LICENSE (AGPLv3). AcknowledgementsMicrochord facilitates several remarkable open source libraries including kryo, guava-libr