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choco: a java library for constraint satisfaction problems (CSP), constraint programming (CP).



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Double Choco Latte

Double Choco Latte is a project to create a solution for managing some IT departments including software development and call center activity.

Gestionedt - Gestion d'emploi du temps

Gestion d'emploi du temps (avec interface web). Utilisation d'un solveur (CHOCO) pour résoudre le problème de l'emploi du temps automatiquement.

Travelshare - TravelShare : Web site wich allow you to share everything about travelling around the

TravelShareWeb site wich allow you to share everything about travelling around the world More to come ...


A delicious Javascript web framework made in Belgium!

Rothmann IT Service DeskTop

Rothmann IT Service DeskTop is a project to create a technological solution for Incident- and Configuration Management. It is based and implemented on the international 'best-practice' standard ITILreg;. It is an Add-On to the popular Double Choco Latte.

Choco-test - Web-based online testing application

AboutChocoTest is a web-based online testing (as in exam) application. ChocoTest use a sophisticated dynamic questions randomization systems that generates different set of question for each test participant. However, ChocoTest still ensure that each participant have the same total question weightage and the same number of question that you have specified, so there's no "luck factor" excuse for your test participants. ChocoTest also features a rich question editor that support commonly used word

Fesorec - Feature Selection Optimization with Resource Constraints in Software Product Lines

We developed a range of exact and heuristic techniques for optimized feature selection with resource constraints in software product lines. Exact techniques: CSP (Constraint Satisfaction Problem) based on Choco (, FCF (Filtered Cartesian Flattening, (Branch and Bound with Linear Programming); Heuristic techniques: FCF+M-HEU (, GA, ACO. The GA-b

Cookiepie - CookiePie (AKA ChocoTorta) is a Firefox® extension enabling you to maintain different c

CookiePie (AKA ChocoTorta)What is it?A Firefox extension enabling you to maintain different cookies storage in different tabs and windows. What is for?Users can open multiple Gmail/Yahoo Mail/Flickr/eBay/Wordpress/Blogger accounts (and any other website using cookies) in different tabs and windows simulteanously. Developers can use CookiePie to test their Web software with different logged users without needing to open a different browser. Gamers can enjoy their webbased online games with multip

4watreason - Incorporate, Refine, and Compare Feature Model Compilation Techniques

Since its inception in 1990, feature models have been gaining an ever-growing popularity in the Software Product Line arena as a means to represent commonalities and variabilities of software families. During product engineering feature models guide the product configuration process in which stakeholders select product features. What makes feature models especially valuable is their ability to reject invalid configurations. In this context, a feature model can be seen as a constraint network. De

choco.libs - Libraries and plugins for Choco

Libraries and plugins for Choco