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This is a client for Yahoo Chat, coded in REALbasic for MacOS X



Related Projects

Banco-de-dados-2 - Trabalho de BD2

João Ricardo Carla Carvalho Felipe Chitão

Chits-ph - Community Health Information Tracking System

CHITS is a modular and extensible LAMP-based electronic health record intended for the use of rural health centers in the Philippines. CHITS runs over the Generic Architecture Module Enterprise (GAME) engine which was created by Dr. Herman Tolentino. The application is presently installed in 18 different local health centers in the Philippines. Google code will serve as the source code repository and issue tracking system of CHITS. More information can be found at the CHITS Official Website.

Chits-openmrs - CHITS OpenMRS


Chits - Community Health Information Tracking System

A simple, scalable LAMP-based electronic health record that uses the Generic Architecture for Modular Enterprises (GAME engine developed by Herman Tolentino). CHITS's first implementation is for government health centers in the Philippines.

Cloudbasedchits - Cloud-based CHITS

Cloud-based Community Health Information Tracking System

Trakurl - Tracking/Monitoring Url hits

Given any url, the app generates a unique "tracking" url that can be used instead of the original url. A service like can be used to compress the generated url. On every url hit, the app logs the ip address, user agent and geo location data ( currently obtained from ). The app offers countrywise, citywise, regionwise and ipwise and urlwise stats. There are two ways to generate a url: Host the code as a GAE app and ... a) visit the app b) use the script

Quran-mm - Quran in Myanmar Translation (Software)

To develop Quran software (Web/Desktop) application in Myanmar Language. This software will be further extended to support multi-language translation support. Not only we will develop desktop based application, we will also develop for web-based module to plug-in onto websites and blogs. Currently, under preparation of Myanmar translation text to use in this software. This project is a continuing project from and which was stalled for 3 years. Project members so fa