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Finally, a decent free quote management system, to keep track of all those controversial citations by IRC friends and foes.



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Mashes, minifies, and validates your javascript, stylesheet, and dotless files. Chirpy can also auto-update T4MVC and other T4 templates.

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Miniqdb - A minimalistic quote database

miniqdb is a minimalistic quote database (QDB) written in PHP, utilizing a MySQL database. QDBs are commonly used to archive funny or important older conversations within IRC channels. This code started as a QDB for a (private) channel I'm in, and I decided to open up the code. Quotes can be viewed in many ways: an individual quote, all quotes in the database, in order, a random 20 or so quotes, and the latest 10 quotes. We have no plans to implement user authentication; .htaccess works just fin

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API to access Chirpy (

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modifications to


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Fork of Chirpy, minification tool for visual studio.

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Designs & mockups for "Chirpy", the Android Twitter/ client


Our fork of chirpy to fix some annoying problems we were having with it downloading resources