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Chimera is a system to automates astronomical observatory tasks.



Related Projects


A set of software utilities for processing and analyzing 16S rRNA genes including generating NAST alignments, chimera checking, and assembling paired 16S rRNA reads according to reference sequence homology.


A new kind of headless webkit integration for nodejs; a great alternative to phantomjs.

Chimera Games Engine

quot;Chimera2Dquot; is an 2D Games Engine For creating video games written in C #, which combines ease and power. The engine uses the library XNA which allows portability (Cross Plateform) between PC and Xbox360. Thus, with the wealth that it bears the POO, Ch

Chimera-ffplugin - chimera firefox extension

Chimera firefox extension provides a GUI for visual creation of javascript aplications based on the most commonly used frameworks like MooTools and jQuery.

Chimera-summer-2010 - A site for the chimera summer 2010 group

Chimera is a client-server application written in Python. Currently Chimera is operated via a command-line interface (CLI). By issuing various commands via the CLI one can remotely control a telescope and many of it's associated features, such as the dome, CCD's focuser's, etc. Chimera has already been used to photograph the M25 cluster from the SUNY Oswego campus in Oswego, NY using a telescope in Minas Gerais, Brazil. This summer (summer 2010) Prof. Shashi Kanbur (SUNY Oswego) will be taking s

Pymlp - pyMLP is a program computing the molecular lipophilicity potential map of proteins.

pyMLP: Molecular Lipophilicity Potential evaluator pyMLP takes a protein .pdb file as input and output a .dx map file easily visualized in many molecular visualization packages such as VMD, Pymol, Chimera, ... This program was developed in python as a platform independent equivalent of MLPP (see references in README). As a result pyMLP may run on any platform supported by Python and Numpy.


Like Prism and Caliburn Micro? Chimera contains the best of both frameworks.

Chimerascan - Detection of chimeric transcripts in high-throughput sequencing data

Whats New\t Chimerascan version 0.4.5 (released February 25, 2012) is primarily a bug-fix release. Fixed a bug where genes spanning large genomic distances could effectively "mask" gene fusions occuring within their intronic regions. Fixed a bug where some fusions were inappropriately reported as "read-through" when in fact they were the result of genomic structural alterations. These fusions will now be reported as "Adjacent_Complex" fusions. Added support for GTF gene model files through the n

Csc480-chimera - The SUNY Oswego CSC480 class version of chimera project

The SUNY Oswego CSC480 class version of chimera project The original site can be found at