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Chime is a smith chart calculator used for impedance matching in RF circuit design.



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Power Station Industrializer

Industrializer is a program for generating percussion sounds for musical purposes. This program is great for generating new techno and industrial sounds. It also can produce chimes, bubbles, gongs, hammer hits on different materials and so on.


Notifier for multiple Gmail and Google Apps email accounts. Offers various notification options (unread mails in Inbox only, All Mails, or with specified labels) and alert methods (popup message, chime, blink keyboard LED). Uses IMAP over SSL.

Clockmaster - Clock with alarm and timer, and dual time zones

A simple clock (originally based on a scan of my wristwatch), with optional alarm and hourly chimes. Written because I just couldn't find a clock gadget that I liked!

Brmonkey - Bathroom Monkey Shower/Toothbrush Timer

Do your parents think that taking a long shower is criminal behavior? Bathroom Monkey times your showers, letting you know with pleasant chimes each minute, how many minutes you have left, then emitting a continuous train of them once your time is all used up. How about those yellow teeth? You could wait for them to fall out, or ask Bathroom Monkey to help you remember to brush the top and bottom teeth (assuming you still have them) for the proper amount of time. Ask an adult (any one off the st

Suecenter - A communication environment for people who cannot use a normal keyboard or mouse.

Sue Center is a communication environment designed specifically for people who cannot use a keyboard or mouse. It could be described as an 'on-screen keyboard' but it is much more than that. With an ordinary computer, a special low-cost input device, and this free software you can: Keep a journal. Read books and use bookmarks. Consult a dictionary and thesaurus. Correspond via email. Send text messages. Create and view slideshows of pictures. Easily access some select prime spots on the web. Pla

Ogre3dgame - A strategy puzzle game created with the Ogre3d project. It's open source and lookin

This game will incorporate several plugins into the Ogre3d engine including but not limited to the Newton Physics engine. We are a small group that are excited about creating games and are looking for other talented and interested developers. We have been working on a basic framework for a bit now and hopefully will have something to show off in a few short weeks here. If you are interested in joining the team feel free to shoot me an e-mail at and I will get you up to s

Mkvbuilder - Convert DVD and BD to MKV with metadata and menu support

Project goals: Create a "Hands Free" application which rips a DVD preserving all quality and content. The target format will be an MKV container and the underlying media files will be x264 for the video content and audio source will remain untouched. This application will be instantiated by a user inserting a DVD or Bluray into their drive. The process will continue without prompting the user until complete. An audio chime of some sort will notify the user upon completion. Beyond ripping and tra

Houdah-webobjects-frameworks - Houdah WebObjects Frameworks

The frameworks make up a new major open source project to extend Apple's WebObjects application server. Granted the Houdah Frameworks can't compete in size with Project WONDER. Yet I am proud of what I achieved and believe I provide a viable alternative. Most importantly though, you don't have to view Houdah Frameworks as competition to existing architecture like D2W or WONDER. You may view the Houdah Frameworks as a repository of utilities and useful code snippet which work with all WebObjects

Apolloim - iPhone Instant Messenger Client

Current StatusThis project is no longer the main project of the original developers, we are changing our focus to new software for the official SDK release. This does not mean we are stopping working, this just means that it isn't our primary focus. The full source + lib purple is in the SVN under apollo_1.02. Since we can't work on it as much as we'd like, we encourage anyone and everyone to get the source and start working on it. If you want to see your changes merged back into the main source