The Chicago Project

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This project seeks to provide a portable ANSI C library to read/write OLE 2 Compound Document Formats (libOle), and to provide a library for reading/writing the Excel file format (libXls).



Related Projects

Chipmunk-basics - Tutorial code for a Chicago Ruby User group meeting

Some sample code I am using for a Chicago ruby user group meeting

Windycitypm - Windy City Perl Mongers

User group meeting and management software

Chicagorun - A web database that allows students to participate in Chicago Run activities.

Software that allows schools to create programs similar to This project was created by Chicago Run, and is being implemented by PSC Group LLC in Chicago. The project code is currently running the Fall quarter running programs for Chicago Run. We're currently working through a backlog of tasks created by the Chicago Run organizers and logged here: If you're interested in participating in the project as

Distributedworker - An Experimental Distributed Computation Environment

An experimental distributed computation environment similar to SETI@home for Distributed Systems Fall 2007 (COMP 439) @ Loyola University Chicago

Connchem - Connected Chemistry Simulations

Connected Chemistry Simulationspart of the Connected Chemistry CurriculumProject Leader: Mike Stieff, PhD, University of Illinois at Chicago Modeled in Java and Processing by: Allan Berry, Tuan Dang, and Qin Li. The Connected Chemistry project was initiated by Mike Stieff, PhD, now at the University of Illinois at Chicago. These simulations are the interactive component of this curriculum. Simulations were initially designed by Allan Berry, according to instructions from users and the rest of th

Metraparser - Screen scrapes and produces beautiful schedules. is old outdated and hard to use. Metraparser pulls down schedule information for you.

Shortur - A URL Shortener

ShortUr is a utility that allows long, convoluted URLs to be accessed by short, meaningful URLs on your site. Shortur requires PHP, MySQL and mod_rewrite. This project exists due to the generosity of Columbia College Chicago.

Chirpradio - Software and technology for CHIRP radio

CHIRP is a non-profit organization that runs a community radio station in Chicago focused on new music and the arts. This is the source code for some internal applications we are building. Listen to CHIRP Radio here Keep up with the CHIRP organization here Get started by reading the CHIRP Radio Developer Guide ProjectsInternal apps like Playlist Tracker, DJ Database, etc (right here) The CHIRP iPhone app The CHIRP Android app The CHIRP Radio Machine: music library / broadcast stream

Mychicago - Chicago

City of Chicago Downtown and Skyline