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The development of Chiba was discontinued in 2009. The betterFORM Project by the same people who did Chiba is its successor. See for further information



Related Projects

Ep1-coo - projeto da locadora

Projeto desenvolvido por: -Danilo Rufino -Henrique Tomomitsu -Iuri Chiba -Kathelyn Lima

Unix Rio Utility

A utility designed for the use of interfacing with Rio's third through fifth generations of portable mp3 players; Rio 600/800/900/S-Series/Riot/psa[play/Fuse/Chiba/Cali/Nitrus.

Fastdtw - Dynamic Time Warping (DTW) with a linear time and memory complexity

FastDTW is an approximate Dynamic Time Warping (DTW) algorithm that provides optimal or near-optimal alignments with only O(N) time and memory requirement, in contrast to the O(N^2) requirement for the standard DTW algorithm. FastDTW uses a multilevel approach that recursively projects a solution from a coarser resolution and refines the projected solution. Implementation: FastDTW is implemented in Java. If the JVM heap size is not large enough for the cost matrix to fit into memory, the impleme

Grails-chiba-web-plugin - Grails Chiba Web Plugin - Enabled XForms processing in Grails

OverviewGrails Chiba Web Plugin is created to integrate Chiba ( server-side XForms 1.1 implementation to Grails Framework. Localisation, XPath and Dojo Toolkit 1.2.3 are supported. Note : The project owner no longer support this project since 30 Dec 2010, if you would like to take over, please contact the project owner. InstallationInstall the plugin into your project with the following command: grails install-plugin chiba-webConfigurationAfter the plugin installed


SIDE is a graphical tool for developers who want to build sustainable software. Based on MDSD, SIDE provides a set of meta models, a set of graphical designers, a set of generators and a set of deployers for Alfresco, XForms/Chiba and Liferay.

Sepgsql - Security Enhanced PostgreSQL

Security Enhanced PostgreSQL (SE-PostgreSQL) is an extension of PostgreSQL relational database management system, based on Security Enhanced Linux (SELinux)'s security model and policy. It can provide fine grained mandatory access control to various database objects such as tables, columns or tuples and can apply consistent authority of remote/local client integrated with operation system independent from database authorization. These facilities enable to build a database management system into

chibahs - Calendar of Chiba prefectural high school information session

Calendar of Chiba prefectural high school information session

SeminarCUC - Archive for Hiroya Kubo's Seminar at Chiba University of Commerce

Archive for Hiroya Kubo's Seminar at Chiba University of Commerce

chiba - Plugin discovery and loading

Plugin discovery and loading