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Chiapas is an enterprise level HIPAA data translation package. It supports all major healthcare transactions and a variety of SQL databases and file types, and incorporates a script parser and a GUI studio for development and maintaining specifications. It currently supports 4010 specifications and several 5010 specifications, including 834 and 837 I amp; P. A commercial version which features all 5010 specifications and the ability to decode a transaction directly to a SQL table is available at .



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Telemedicina Grupo de Investigación en el �rea de Telemedicina, fuermente ligado a Software Libre y Java. De la Universidad Politécnica de Chiapas.

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The gender and microfinance research project in Chiapas it is the result of a joint effort between enthusiastic experts from Harvard University and The Poverty Action Lab. Sponsored by Grameen Trust to do field research int the rural state of Chiapas, the project is aimed to obtain solid evidence and contribute to the potential virtuous circle about including husbands into what are now women-only groups, which in turn may have world-wide implications on institutional design and policy in the gro

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