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chemicalInventory is a chemical intelligent tool for managing chemical inventories. Main features: Find chemicals via substructure or text searches. Manage container and shelf locations, check containers in and out or transfer containers between users.



Related Projects

Cgi-app-chi - CHI plugin for CGI::Application framework for Perl

CGI::Application::Plugin::CHI provides a relatively thin, but convenient interface to Jonathan Swartz's CHI caching framework from your CGI-App application. The current release is CGI-Application-Plugin-CHI-0.01. Version 0.01 is not expected to be feature-complete, although the existing API is probably stable. Release distributions can be obtained from CPAN here.

Fishdot - It is a private project, only for learning Java Swing library.

Fish-Dot is a Swing-based Java game written by Tony C. Zhang (Chi Zhang) as an assignment from CSCI 470, Summer 2010, NIU.

Mataproject - A keyboard instruction program for both blind and clear people.

This program is a programming project of 06CT1A class at Ho Chi Minh city university of Science, Viet Nam. It helps the unluckily blind person learn to use the computer keyboard.

Pytombo - Python library for Tombo plain text and encrypted notes

A pure Python library and tools for accessing Tombo notes in either plain text or encrypted (.chi files). See PyTomboBackground for more information. In progress project GtkTombo. Tool exampleCommand line example (there is a mini web based search too), a grep-like search tool for searching plain and encrypted notes. Plain text search only: # -i stork aesop12.txt:Stork that soon set to work gobbling them all up. Then the FrogsSearch plain and encrypted

Jobba-hut - Job Bank Hut

The number-one goal at hand is to reduce the amount of manual labor involved in the weekly production of the BayCHI Job Bank email. It would be best if much of the process can be automated with tools. This problem will be attacked in discrete phases as outlined here. Participants: Siddharth Ramu Mentors: Aaditya Bhatia Patrick Nguyen Van Riper Customer: Andrew Wong

GeCHI Overlay

The GeCHI Overlay is a community driven gentoo portage overlay.

Perl-cache - Cache::Cache and CHI - Unified caching interfaces for Perl

Cache::Cache provides a unified Cache interface for Perl. It implements the file, memory, shared memory and size aware caches, with other backends available on CPAN. It has not been changed in years and is extremely stable. CHI is the successor to Cache::Cache. It adheres to the basic Cache::Cache API but improves performance, adds new features, and addresses limitations in the Cache::Cache implementation. It has been in production use on at least several large sites for a year.

Statistics-distributions-js - Calculate critical values and upper probabilities of common statistica

This library calculates percentage points (5 significant digits) of the u (standard normal) distribution, the student's t distribution, the chi-square distribution and the F distribution. It can also calculate the upper probability (5 significant digits) of the u (standard normal), the chi-square, the t and the F distribution. These critical values are needed to perform statistical tests, like the u test, the t test, the F test and the chi-squared test, and to calculate confidence intervals. Thi