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Chessboard is a PHP script utilizing ImageMagick and chess-piece fonts to create chess board images on the fly and serve them via the web. A web-based position composer/editor is also included.



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This is an eLearning-game based on a 2D-world. It is designed to be as flexible as possible, allowing everyone to create his own worlds containing individually programmed components (e. g., a chess-board for a chess tutorial).

Jschessboard - jsChessboard -- Display chessboard diagrams with JavaScript and canvas

Latest News 6 Jun 2010 jsChessboard 0.2.0 has been released. Download here. 18 Mar 2009 jsChessboard 0.1.0 has been released. Download here. What is jsChessboard ?jsChessboard is a JavaScript library designed to programmatically display chessboard diagrams in web pages or web applications. jsChessboard knows chess notation therefore jsChessboard can interpret a sequence of chess moves in algebraic notation from a given position and draw the new position. Supported browsersMost browsers supportin

Cu-project-charlie-2010 - Cambridge University CS Part 1B Group Project: Robotic Chessboard

Control system for a hardware "robotic chessboard" which will move pieces automatically by way of a magnet mounted on an arm under the board.

Rnchessboardcontrol - .NET WinForms chessboard control and rules engine

rnChessBoardControl is a .NET Windows Forms chessboard control that leverages bitboard algorithms to validate piece movement, captures and check/checkmate conditions. Originally developed for version 1.1 of the .NET Framework, this project has been set up to support revisions to take advantage of new features in .NET 2.0 and later 3.0 and 3.5 that will be chronicled in a series of posts on my blog that can be found here:,category,rnchessboardcontrol.

Bfsanddfs - Completion of this project, my art. int. lesson's class homework.

Within a 10x10 chessboard as a rock. This stone is progressing in the form of 3-1. That looks like the horse moves. (But advances shape at 2-1.) Program in which the algorithm will be used next problem.txt starting point and purpose to the point, and the results are written into the file solition.txt. Problem.txt For example, in 11298 (1 = 1 start_y = 2 BFS start_x = goal_x = 9 goal_y = 8) means. Accordingly gives results run the program

Utd-chess-robot-visual - Chess Visualization software for the UTD chessbot

Creates a virtual chessboard using java 3D, and uses a chess engine to predict moves, or give the robot the ability to play against a single human.

Nqueens - N-queens problem

The n queens puzzle is the problem of placing n chess queens on an n×n chessboard so that none of them can capture any other using the standard chess queen's moves.


Chessmokey is a chess game with a chessboard in which two players can play. It has no built AI (Artificial Intelligence). It was developed using C++ and OpenGL by students of Computer Engineering at USP - Satilde;o Carlos in the Computer Graphics discipline.

Maptac-chess - A javascript-based chess client, primarily written with prototype.js and script.aculo

A simple javascript-based chess client. It lets people play chess right in the browser. It currently has serious issues in Internet Explorer (it doesn't actually work) but is fine in Chrome and Firefox. Right now it only supports two players on one computer, but support for one-player games (with an AI) and games between people at different computers is planned (tentatively). The interesting file is chess.js--this is the actual JavaScript for the client. This needs board.css, which specifies the

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