Chess challenge

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Chess challenge is an open source chess AI project with GUI. If you want source drop me a mail. ces.mohab[at]yahoo[dot]com



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Chessbot - An IRC bot for playing chess with persistent stats.

Introductionchessbot is Perl glue for playing chess over IRC with persistent games and stats. Installationchessbot currently has no makefile, so if you want to play with it you'll need to install the modules used in, create a SQLite3 database using the included schema.sql, and configure it in chessbot.conf. CommandsA note about game modes: chessbot can be configured to connect to zero or more channels. When games are initiated on these channels they become public and others can view

Community-chess - The software allows a server to run a chess application

What is Community Chess?Community Chess is a Server-Side software for chess games. It provides an API for developers to submit chess moves and play chess games. The software checks if the moves are valid and stores all game relevant information. Developers can program their artificial intelligences for chess games and compete. The software has only very few requirements: the webserver must be able to run PHP the webserver must have MySQL What does the server store?a list of all chess players wit

Buddy-suite - Android applications for enriched interaction between friends using mobile phones

Buddy Suite is a set of applications for mobile phones, meant to enable friends to interact with each other in richer ways than afforded by default in a mobile phone. Buddy Suite has three main components: Friend Finder shows you on a map where your friends are currently located, Chess allows you to challenge your buddies to a "battle of the minds", and Smart Chat allows you to chat with your friends, even if you speak different languages. The Buddy Suite started as a course project in EPFL's un

Openladder - Elo-based competitive ladder system

OpenLadder is an implementation of a ranking system using Elo ratings (the same kind used in rating players in chess and Go), making it easy for you to create your own league or continuous tournament for any game. Supports player profiles and player-initiated matchmaking and reporting, with many more features in the works. VisionOpenLadder aims to be a complete competition manager for web-based tracking of competitive gaming leagues, regardless of the game at in question. Current FeaturesUser cr

Darkchess960 - An implementation of Dark Chess 960, including an AI

Dark Chess 960 is a combination of Dark Chess, and Chess 960. It is a challenging AI problem, because unlike chess and most chess variants, it has incomplete information. This project aims to implement an AI that can play Dark Chess 960 as well as possible.

Patriarchs - Two player, turn-based game in Python2 and Pygame

Patriarchs, by Piousoft 2010 Patriarchs is a turn-based, two player game derived from the Patriarchs Chess Gaming System, soon to be released by Piousoft, God willing. Introduction Each player controls an army, much like FIDE chess, there is the Blue Army and the Red Army. Each player seeks to capture the opposition Patriarch unit to win. There are four unit types in total: Patriarch The Patriarch is the central unit in the army and each army has only one, it may move one square in any direction

Team-awsome-chess - Carleton University SYSC 2101 Winter 2010 Chess Project

SYSC 2101 Group Project As part of Carleton University's SYSC 2101 course, we are writing a chess program. This chess program consists of three games/puzzles including chess, the Knight's Tour puzzle and the Eight Queens challenge. Note: Development on this project has just begun. Team Members: Nick Eaket Jon Panke Ian Doerr Greg Jones

John-and-the-crews-chess - “Chess is played with the mind and not with the hands!�

Our project is to make a Chess game. First we will build the game in which it is a player against player. Then we will try to improve the game by making it player against the computer which will be a little challenging because the computer has to know all the future moves. We will be making the game in QT in c++.

Tactical-game-ai - Using AI to create smart NPC's in a tactical game

This project delves into the use of Artificial Intelligence in the domain of Games. The efforts of Artificial Intelligence have always been in its ability to imitate human intelligence and eventually surpass the ability of the human mind (IBM’s Deep Blue Chess System defeated Grandmaster Garry Kasparov in 1997). In the early days of video gaming the computer controlled opponents relied on repetitive patterns or random motions that used a hard coded table of pseudo random numbers whose actions

Gamecastonline - An online observable board game system

The project is consisted of a server component and a client component. The server component is a pool of servers, which enables the backend to have certain fault-tolerance and balancing load among all servers as well as adding and removing active servers dynamically. The pool of server will be implemented with peer-to-peer model. Moreover, to prevent single point of failure on data storage, server side database replication strategy will be employed. The client component has a game hosting framew