Chemical Structures

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The Chemical Structures Project is a set of 3D structures of molecules in CML format. Each file contains also some physical properties, which can be access using a web browser or a CML file reader.



Related Projects


An interactive viewer for three-dimensional chemical structures.

Pubchem-xml-tool - Tools to read and write PubChem xml description files into Excel workbooks.

Tools to read and write PubChem xml description files into Excel workbooks. For a demo version see:

Excel-cdk - Enable chemical informatics functionality in MS Excel spreadsheets

IntroductionThe LICSS System (Excel-CDK) constructs a bridge between MS Excel for Windows and the Chemistry Development Kit (CDK) Java code tools enabling users to chemically enable existing spreadsheets which contain representations of chemical structures as SMILES strings. Once enabled, Excel spreadsheets have easy access to CDK functionality currently (v2.1) including Structure Display, Substructure/Similarity searching, R Group Table creation, Clustering, Diverse Compound Picking, Sammon Pro

Mx-java - Cheminformatics for Java and Other Languages

MX - Essential CheminformaticsThis site is no longer maintained. For the most up-to-date documentation and news on MX, visit .SummaryMX is a suite of lightweight, general-purpose cheminformatics tools for building chemistry applications. Fully-implemented features include: Substructure Search/Mapping Depth-first Traversal Molfile Reader/Writer Structure Data File (SD File) Reader/Writer Implicit Hydrogen Detection Complete System of Atomic Masses and Isotopes Linked t

Mdanalysis - A python library to analyze and manipulate molecular dynamics trajectories

MDAnalysis is an object-oriented python toolkit to analyze molecular dynamics trajectories generated by CHARMM, Gromacs, NAMD, LAMMPS, or Amber. It allows one to read molecular dynamics trajectories and access the atomic coordinates through numpy arrays. This provides a flexible and relatively fast framework for complex analysis tasks. In addition, CHARMM-style atom selection commands are implemented. Trajectories can also be manipulated (for instance, fit to a reference structure) and written o

Logchem - LogCHEM is a tool for performing discriminative interactive mining of chemical fragments.

LogCHEM is a tool for performing discriminative interactive mining of chemical fragments. It couples a relational learning system with a molecular visualisation software that allows a user to graphically control the search for interesting patterns in chemical fragments. The system requires one input file (in SDF format) with atom and bond data on a set of molecules and with a property that can be used to discriminate the compounds. LogCHEM uses the SDF format because it is highly popular and bec

Biochemistry-file-format-parsers - A collection of parsers and utilities for biochemistry software

A collection of parsers and utilities for various file types dumped out by biochemistry-related software including: Bio-Rad LP Data View Software (basic functionality working) Beckman Coulter spectrophotometer software (in progress) Agilent UV-Visible ChemStation Software (pending) Project goal is to provide an easy way to graph the output for printing or presentation. Also to learn how to reverse-engineer file formats.

Nm-reorg - Normal-mode reorganisation energy calculator

CALCULATE NORMAL MODES BY DECOMPOSITION INTO NORMAL MODES: see (Chem. Rev. 2007 107 926) Joe Kwiatkowski: 23/10/07 To use with Gaussian output: 1) Optimise geometry of charged and neutral state a) Optimise from the same starting configuration b) Include nosymm c) Include freq=HPmodes 2) Run "reorgInt_NM.x geometry1.log geometry2.log". a) This decomposes the distortion (between geometry1 and geometry2) into the modes of geometry1 and calculates the harmonic energy. See .out files in examples/

Chem-fingerprints - Cheminformatics fingerprint file formats and tools

(chemfp for short) is a set of formats and related tools for the storage, exchange, and search of cheminformatics fingerprint data sets. Download chemfp-1.1b4.tar.gz. Note: this is a source distribution. Precompiled installers will be coming as soon as I can figure out how to make them. Cheminformatics FingerprintThe chem-fingerprints (chemfp) project goals are to define and promote common file formats for storing and exchanging cheminformatics fingerprint data sets, and to develop tools which w

Mr-cels - Combined Eulerian and Lagrangian Sensitivities

A method for estimating atmospheric trace gas emissions using Eulerian and Lagrangian chemical transport models and trace gas measurements. For detailed description see,, and To download the routines, make a directory to store the code and from the parent directory, type: svn checkout directory_name where directory_name is the name of the directory created to hous