Check Up System for Thai Healthcare

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Checkup is intelligent patient record management system.This project can help better care patients by physicians and nurses.That show patient's record and automatically conclusion.That successfully implemented at Plaengyao Hospital,Chachoengsao,Thailand



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CheckUPS actively checks United Parcel Service, Inc's website on the status of a shipped package. When the package status has changed, the software brief notice to any email addresses the user may have supplied (email, ICQ, pager, phone, etc).

Rblchecker - A small rbl lookup framework written in Java

A small framework that allows you to do a RBL Checkup on any list written in Java. It allow's you to do a checkup on any rbl list just by adding it to the build path and extending the AbstractRBLSource class. Currently it only supports IPv4, working on IPv6. Please report any bugs using the Issue Tracker.

Database-auditing - Protect Databases from Slack Performances

Banking and marketing organizations require regular monitoring of customer information and transactional data to protect privacy and integrity of data. This is easily done using automated database monitoring software that provides a wide range of benefits to the organization. The most useful aspect of using these tools is the performance benefits derived from them. Using them allows enterprise resources to be used optimally to sustain or improve overall performance. Database auditing solutions a

Smcm-safetynet - SMCM Project

The app will have the box it is installed on randomly pole the other boxes that have this app installed and create "friends." When each box has "enough" "friends" it no longer except any more friends. This way the group of boxes will appear like a "social network" and "check-up" on each other (this is the watchdog part).

Secure-workplace - Secure Workplace with EDMS Solutions

Enterprise data management is a system made of people, process and technology. When technology and business groups work towards the identification of data, data types and life expectancy of data; a robust and stable EDMS can be built. The core value of EDMS lies in getting the organization to be globally compliant and also manage the data life cycle efficiently. Organizations need to be self sufficient in handling compliance issues and security threats. To be safe on both sides, they need to bui

Strong-database-systems - Strong Database Systems for Secure Networks

DB2 bind process was created with the purpose of executing SQL statements separately. The process creates SQL access path to the executable that is embedded in COBOL. The whole process of DB2 bind, if not performed accurately can cause havoc on system performance. DB2 rebind is performed to remove the link between tables and plans so that tables can be accessed by other plans also. The process may become unpredictable during movement between DB2 releases. Automated DB2 tools can assess impact of


Checkup is a script that will monitor host availability via fping.

cass-check - Checkup tool for a Cassandra Server

Checkup tool for a Cassandra Server

checkup - Small command line tool to check the status of services

Small command line tool to check the status of services