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Check4Update is a java server application with a php gui to monitor online resources for updates and changes. If a resource modification was detected, a notification message can be send to the user.



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Updator - File updater on http

DescriptionSimple c++ static library (.lib) to update files and folder on http protocol. Last ReleaseUpdator 0.2 Thanks toSFML SHA algorithm from Aaron D. Gifford Example codeUpdator constructor Updator::Updator( const std::string& p_host, const std::string& p_folder, const std::string& p_hash_filename, unsigned char p_check_thread_number = 4, // thread number for hash computing unsigned int p_check_buffer_size = 1000000 ); // buffer size for hash computingSimple start update #include "Updator.h

Blip4j - Blip 4 Java - Java library for API

Blip4jAboutBlip4j is a Java library for API. DownloadCheck Downloads page for latest release. You can also checkout the sources from SVN server (see Source tab) UsageCheck Wiki pages. Changelog[!] major change [+] added feature [*] changed feature [-] bug fix 0.1.1 [+] added auto-dividing of too long Update bodies [-] fixed problems with case sensitivity when searching a User 0.1 [!] Initial release TODObetter exception handling system expand kosciak.blip4j.automation package: shedulders

Cyanogen-updater - Dedicated to producing an updater for cyanogen's roms

If you're looking for Themeservers, click here: If you like my work, buy me a beerUSD: EUR: CM-Updater 5.0.1 is outNow with N1 support ;) Update.json is now hosted on github CM-Updater 5.0.0 is outChanged Update Folder so theres only one Directory on SDCard (new: /sdcard/cmupdater/updates) S

Phpgsb - PHP Implementation of Google Safe Browsing

phpGSB Main Version – 0.2.4 A road map has now been released on the wiki, it is only a brief outline. phpGSB is a PHP implementation of the Google Safe Browsing API. At current it does allow the following: Updating of GSB lists to a MySQL database Basic checking of URL’s against lists and then full-hash checks against the full GSB database Caching of full-hash keys to minimise requests to the Google server At current it does not allow the following: Requests using MAC keys (integrity checks)

Noip4aws - Dynamic DNS Update of an Amazon EC2 instance to the DNS at No-IP

This No-IP DNS update client regularly checks for public IP address changes to an Amazon EC2 instance in the background and automatically updates the DNS at No-IP on a regular time interval. java -jar noip4aws.jar -Husage: noip4aws [ OPTIONS ] [ aws-instance-id no-ip-hostname ... ] -A,--accesskey <arg> AWS access key -F,--file <arg> Property file -H,--help Help -P,--password <arg> No-IP password -S,--secretkey <arg> AWS secret key -U,--user <arg> No-IP user name -W,--wait <arg> Update wait in mi

Py3trafficmeter - A network traffic meter for Linux, written in Python 3

A network traffic meter for Linux, written in Python 3 Requirements: Python 3 PyQt4 ifconfig You can configure the watched interface and the update interval at the top of the .py file. If you want to reset the traffic meter: 1, quit from the program 2, change every number in the configuration file to zero 3, start the program IMPORTANT: I wrote this mainly for my personal use, so it doesn't check if the configuration file or the needed softwares exists in the system. E-mail:

Ckkl-core - A personal, &quot;swiss army knife&quot; Java library

A Java library with features like: type handling with aliases, easy discovery and accessors for JavaBeans properties, FOP collections (map, filter) and support for toString() implementation even for the most complex cases. It is being constantly updated. Check out the complete list of features. If you use maven, the repository is Version 0.3.5 is the last to support JDK 1.4.

Easy-game-framework-for-android - a simple java 2d game framework for android

easy game framework for android ( egf4a ) a simple java 2d game framework for android based on SurfaceView sprite(called "node") insert/update/remove and tile support spatial grid and quadtree for node management rect based spatial search grid and lite grid a simple quadtree customed UI control button label textbox select check pooled input soundPool wraper a full framework(include activity) not a library less memory useage and more performance

Uberemulator - uberEmulator R53+

uberEmulator, originally written by Meth0d (Roy), I (Kryptos) will be developing uberEmulator, it will be Open Source. Check the site constantly so you can watch all the updates. uberEmulator was written by Meth0d (Roy) from scratch. uberEmulator is written in C# .NET using the .NET 4.0 Framework. NOTE: This is NOT the Official Development. - Kryptos

Vbomenu - Free DHTML, Hierarchical, Object Oriented, Open Source Menu - VBo MENU 1.5

Please note that I will not be supporting and updating this menu. I keep it only for reference. The code is quite too old. Check google there is plenty of menus available online. DHTML, Hierarchical, Object Oriented, Open Source Menu. Compatible with Firefox, Netscape 6+, Mozilla 1+, MSIE 5+, Opera. IE for MAC (Internet Explorer 5+ for Macintosh) This version will not work on Netscape 4.