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check_logfiles is a plugin for Nagios which searches for patterns in logfiles. It is capable of scanning multiple logfiles and their rotated ancestors in a single run.



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Eddie-tool - The Eddie Tool is a system and network monitoring, security, and performance analysis a

The Eddie Tool can perform all basic system monitoring checks, such as: filesystem; processes; system load; network configuration. It can also perform such network monitoring tasks as: ping checks; HTTP checks; POP3 tests; SNMP queries; RADIUS authentication tests; customized TCP port checks. Finally, a few checks lend themselves to security monitoring: watching files for changes; scanning logfiles. The Eddie Tool can also send any collected statistic to RRD files to be displayed graphically by

Baxtep - PHP security extension to intercept execution of system commands

AboutPHP security extension to intercept execution of system commands with PHP scripts. The list of currently intercepted functions: exec() system() shell_exec() passthru() Extension is useful for web-hosting to help system administrators to find php-shells and vulnerable php-scripts. InstallationRequirementsPHP development files (usually called 'php-dev' in package manager) gcc Subversion BuildDownload extension source from Google SVN repository: svn checkout

Epingpy - is a small Python script which does a HTTP request on a URL to check wether the s

Why start this?The websites of the company I work for run on a ISS/Tomcat server. Sometimes they just crash. And not in a good way. There is absolutely no HTML output, not even a 404 error. But the server itself is still pingable. This occurs randomly throughout the day. To check how often, and also to check during evenings and weekend, I decided to try and make something useful. 2010/2/7: After passing several logfile excerpts from the that I installed at work, the application that run

Butler-ircbot - Butler - The IRC bot with Class

AboutButler is a clean, easy to use IRC-bot, implemented in Ruby. It supports hierarchic authorizations, plugins, localization, logfiles and sports a Telnet-server for direct connections. It also includes libraries that can easily be used to create your own bot or IRC-client. All of Butlers parts are under the Ruby or GPLv2 license. On IRCOn the channel #butler is dedicated for Butler, the IRC bot. SVNThis project's SVN repository can be checked out through anonymous access with

Apache Observer

Smart apache logfile sniffer to assign given IP's to names. It's a tool to check if special guests are visiting your webserver or Big Brother is watching you. Works with a CSV-list of IP's or IP-ranges.

Betterbatch - Simplified but powerful replacement for OS batch scripts and scripting languages

BetterBatch scripts are very basic - and most functionality is in external commands. This keeps BetterBatch simple - and also fosters re-use of existing components and creation of small modular components. A 'plugin' of BetterBatch is any tool that can be run at the OS shell prompt. Additional the command should return 0 for success and any non-zero value for failure. BetterBatch scripts halt on the first error (unless otherwise specified) and all execution is logged (once logfile is set) Please

Apostasis - WoW Combat Log Parser

A fork of StasisCL (, advancing it with more recently submitted patches. (original StasisCL description follows) StasisCL is an open source, BSD licensed (see License) Perl application that parses WoW combat logs and generates statistics from them. The goal of the project is to generate static HTML reports that you host on your own web server. It should work on TBC logs as well as WLK logs. I especially encourage you to look at healing reports and buff reports,

Filemonitor-py - A file monitoring daemon that triggers an arbitrary command when a file is detected

AbstractThis is a simple file monitoring daemon. It is configured with Event Definitions that basically say which file patterns the daemon should react on, and what the resulting action should be. FeaturesPure Python Works without inotify (Linux only) on Windows, Unix and Linux OSes. Uses "modified" stat() metadata and file size comparison to detect if a file is closed / fully written to disk. If the file size does not change within a tracking interval, it is considered to be closed (of course i

Dg52-php-irc-bot - The flexible and easy-to-use bot for IRC!

Welcome to the dG52 PHP IRC Bot by Doggie52!The dG52 PHP IRC Bot is an IRC bot coded in object-oriented PHP. Features are added all the time whilst still keeping the base of the bot clear, fast and easy-to-use. The bot is built with modularity in mind, allowing developers to build their own plugins to extend the bot's functionality. How to runRequirementsPHP version 5.2 or greater php_sockets.dll extension installed and enabled InstallingUsing an SVN-client of choice, check out the latest revisi

Fimap - A little tool for local and remote file inclusion auditing and exploitation.

Welcome to the fimap project! fimap is a little python tool which can find, prepare, audit, exploit and even google automaticly for local and remote file inclusion bugs in webapps. fimap should be something like sqlmap just for LFI/RFI bugs instead of sql injection. It's currently under heavy development but it's usable. The goal of fimap is to improve the quality and security of your website. Do not use this tool on servers where you don't have permission to pentest! I am dead serious. I'm tryi